Signs You’re Not Ready To Be A Mom

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25 thoughts on “Signs You’re Not Ready To Be A Mom

  1. Humanity is overpopulated, and instead of trying to, I don’t know, slow
    down the growth of humanity, they have more babies.


    Because babies are cute.

    Why humans need to be so goddamn stupid?

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to be a mom, it’s too scary and I don’t
    even like kids to begin with 🙁 I just wish my mom would stop pressuring me
    to give her grandkids…
    I’d rather have a bulldog instead of a baby, to be honest

  3. “I don’t want my identidy to be mom” – THIS!! i am so scared of becoming
    one of those crazy mom people who only talk about kids stuff and gossip
    with other mom’s about the bad moms in kindergarten

  4. I’m adopting…the world doesn’t need anymore babies just adopt some poor
    orphan and save it’s life rather than contributing to over populating the
    earth..women in African are having 7 babies each on average and India is
    bad too. At least China made laws for 1 child per family…not saying no
    one should have babies but seriously: adopt underprivileged orphans!

  5. Show this to all those stupid 14 year olds -_- lol hmm it’s weird that my
    mum was 21 when she had me and I’m 22 now,I don’t like babies/kids and hate
    the thought of giving birth/being pregnant but kinda want a family before
    I’m 29 so I’m not completely alone..

  6. How to know if you’re not ready to be a mom:
    You watch a YouTube video for research to see if you should be a mom…

  7. I don’t want to have a baby. I want to adopt, because my mom had to have a
    shot in her BACK so that you don’t feel it. I have a huge fear of needles
    (lots of people do) and I refuse to have my own baby. So I am adopting.

  8. My body is literally perfect. And I have an amazing life, not to mention
    amazing sleep every night. I feel very blessed and while I wish to have a
    baby one day when I’m married, I honestly can’t imagine everything in my
    life changing, including my body, for adding more responsibilities on me.
    It’s hilarious how my family thinks that this will change when I fall in
    love. xD ha, the hell it will. 

  9. If you choose not to have kids you’ll be the first one in your family not
    having kids since the beginning of time.

  10. “mom” is short for “slave to a drunk goblin, with no hope of freedom or

    But hey, thats just how I see it. Hopeless misery. I always feel bad for
    moms, but they act so happy. Such brave women, they are so good at hiding
    their pain and suffering. I think it’s cuz they, for some reason, love the
    lil creature they made, probably cuz it’s “cute” or innocent or whatever.

  11. My daughter turned 9 months old yesterday, when I a that she was talking to
    her daughter, a tear came out

  12. I’m a bit disappointed in this… As a child-free woman (and I intend to be
    for the rest of my life) I was hoping this would be “and the moral of the
    story is you’re no less of a woman if you don’t have kids” but instead it
    was “but don’t worry you’ll have one one day”


  13. Most girls get a baby when theyre not ready or able to take care of it.
    They get it, destroy their lifes in a way they never will get. They throw
    away all the fun they could have at parties, being outgoing, experimenting.

    But they get a baby at age 20 and think theyre happy now. Yes, a baby is a
    wonderful thing but in these modern days we can choose to get a baby when
    were ready for it.
    So why getting a baby before you had the real fun in life?
    Thats super tragic to me.

    Most of those young moms dont want a baby yet, but still get pregnant and
    then theyre like “I so wanna have it”. Thats just the fear of having no
    other chance for a baby.


  14. I hate little kids and babies. Especially if they are crying in the same
    bus i’m in.