MOMMY HAUL | MY RESTAURANT SURVIVAL BAG – Restaurant Impossible Mission: Dining w/ Toddlers

My “Restaurant Impossible” Mission: How to survive a nice dinner at a restaurant with toddlers, and minimize the screaming, throwing of food and utensils, an…

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25 thoughts on “MOMMY HAUL | MY RESTAURANT SURVIVAL BAG – Restaurant Impossible Mission: Dining w/ Toddlers

  1. Anna front u are a sick sick dare u say that about some one who
    passed away.u do not put LOL at the end of it to it makes u a bad person
    and no one who have read ur post will ever EVER talk to u again.that is
    disrspectfull to andrew and his kids.!!!!!!

  2. Anna Front, how dare you say lol about Connie passing away. Are you really
    that ignorant? Are you even aware who she left behind or how she changed
    peoples lives? Countless friends and family, not to mention her husband and
    two children, one who only had a few years to know her and one who never
    will even get to hear her mother laugh or see her smile, all the things we
    take for granted that baby girl will never get.. Congratulations on being
    an asshole.

  3. Anna Front How dare you you have no idea how amazing this person was and
    how much people that loved and cared for her NO one deserves to have a
    “lol” being directed at them. Connie’s passed away and so many people are
    heart broken. I do not know about you but i can’t imagine now how hard it’s
    gonna be without growing up without a mum and yup you are an asshole but so
    much more. Sorry I do not want a fight on here as I just wanted a place
    where people could leave messages for Connie as it should be but NOONE
    deserves lol at someone being passed away truly I send my prayers and love
    always in my heart to Connie and family ❤️

  4. I love watching her videos but every time after watched it my eyes were
    wet. She was such a great mum and I serially believe good mums shouldn’t
    die :((

  5. Any recommendations for videos to download? My daughter loves puppy you
    tube videos and the chica show… but I can’t figure out how to get YouYube
    or chica off line! Any tips for this or other shows we should try?

  6. I miss Connie it’s horrible to see her die cause of birth control . But
    everytime when I see the videos I start to cry. But she was fun. R.I.P.