Matt Vlogged! | Sprinkle of Chatter

An old vlog I forgot about that Matt helped with! Yay! Matt on Twitter – Me on Twitter – …

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25 thoughts on “Matt Vlogged! | Sprinkle of Chatter

  1. Absolutely more Matt vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t figure out who he reminds me of… I feel like he’s a mix of
    Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton or something…

  2. does anyone know what Louise called glitter gets fitter before? i think she
    changed the name of it

  3. Matt is a good guy for having a pink bedroom and helping with the Makeup
    shopping. Take notes, boys. That’s what we want!

  4. Can’t believe Louise was in mk, makes me so sad that she lives so close 🙁 

  5. “you look happy!” “No!” hahahahaha Darcy cracks me up!! She is such a cute

  6. I’m in love with this little-matt-vlog , I loved the part when he was
    singing in the car

  7. Do they sleep in two different rooms? Because Louise’s room is all pinked
    and glittered out