Instant Accomplice – Who’s Your Daddy?

Some seriously brave dudes help us pull a prank that’s TOTALLY Jerry Springer worthy! Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: Can’t click an…

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25 thoughts on “Instant Accomplice – Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. so many years doing pranks with the same cast , and no one seems to
    recognize you … what’s your secret ? 

  2. These types of pranks are really good, the couples will love each other
    even more after the prank. I got a tears to my eye looking at the faces of
    those girls. It’s better if these kind of pranks are much longer!!

  3. Hahaha omg these instant accomplice pranks are the best ;P I wonder whats
    going on in their minds haha and the extra touch of the photo just makes it
    so real

  4. This was a very dangerous gag because around 0:05 you can see the lady and
    boy sitting on the concrete which contains spilled juice and other
    disgusting and sticky liquids such as bird shit, semen, menstrual leakage,
    vomit, warm beer, oil from the dirty unwashed hair of homeless bums who
    sleep there, snots, mucous, saliva, phlegm, blood, urine, and ass sweat.
    These fluids will absorb into the lady and boy’s pants and will infect
    them, then they spread it to the daddy, and so on and so forth until the
    entire world is infected.

  5. Hé, si c’est un vidéo québécois à la base, le garçon devait sûrement dire «
    papa ». Honte à vous d’avoir doublé ce seul mot par « daddy ».

  6. If the JFL team didn’t show up in time then there would be a lot of dead
    men there that day :D

  7. All of the reactions of girlfriends were good, especially the reaction of
    the girl in 1:03 is the best one

  8. omg they speak a real language at the end, I thought they were from the
    land of no language…