Adam Levine on Marriage, and Blake Shelton on Kids

Ellen asked the two veteran “Voice” judges about their personal lives; Adam about his recent marriage, and Blake on children in his future!

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25 thoughts on “Adam Levine on Marriage, and Blake Shelton on Kids

  1. Her video with Anthony and the ice bucket challenge made me cry! So
    beautiful your truly a saint Ellen!

  2. true, this is veteran info of boys with a rough childhood. So they are
    still very much family orientated. But they are sooo well mannered and so
    much fun to talk to. Being gay is not a feeling but a love state. From the
    moment the soul incarnates the feelings create knowledge from mother base
    AND the entire outside energy, until the bird is strong or intelligant
    enough to leave the nest. And today they already meet in school, IF I could
    not remember that I was sitting with the group of female hungry man I could
    not tell the difference. :-)

  3. It is very rare to find somebody who respects your choice not to have
    children so Ellen’s comment makes me happy :)