Can You Make It Through These Dad Jokes Without Groaning?

Inspired by this Reddit thread: Dad, you’re embarrassing me!…

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25 thoughts on “Can You Make It Through These Dad Jokes Without Groaning?

  1. I’m a registered 6 offender. Hehe I’ve divided multiplied added and
    subtracted 6. Wait it all makes sense now im a 7 

  2. I used to make dad jokes, then i took an arrow to the knee.

  3. Funniest joke my dad ever told me: bring me a beer or I’ll bring you the

  4. Who else has heard this one all through their childhood?

    “Dad, I’m hungry!”

    “Well hello Hungry! It’s nice to meet you!”


    “Are we having nachos tonight?”

    “Yeah, but they’re NACHO’S!”


    “How Long is a china man’s name.”

    “I don’t know…”

    “No, How Long is the name of a china man.”


  5. What would you choose in a zombie apocalypse :
    1- To have a mansion that is full of food and weaponry and is fully guarded
    with giant walls .


    2- The inability to get infected even if you are bit or scratched by a
    zombie . 

  6. I think these were pretty funny, except the first one, I’ve heard that
    P.S. I don’t have a dad. My parents divorced because he started killing
    people and robbing places. I didn’t know this was real. Sorry. :/

  7. I thought Pete and Repeat were supposed to be parrots. At least that’s how
    I remember the joke from back in third grade.

  8. What’s the difference between Buzzfeeed video, Buzzfeed yellow, blue, ect.?

  9. “why was 6 afraid of 7” “because 7 8 9” “No because 7 was a registered six
    offender and there’s nothing funny about that” i was dying

  10. “Dad, my (something) hurts!”
    “Does your face hurt?”
    “‘Cause it’s hurting me!”


  11. Gosh~! These jokes aren’t THAT bad. I mean, they really are HUMOROUS!