Walmart Worker Whisper Confessions

I love working at Walmart! You get to check out all the hot moms and matures.” Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: ht…

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25 thoughts on “Walmart Worker Whisper Confessions

  1. Can anyone please explain to me why Walmart is that bad and is hated so
    I’m not from the US so I don’t know.

  2. Sponsored by K-Mart?

    (P.s. Im from the UK I just heard that they are rivals so dont quote me if
    I am wrong)

  3. Can everyone dislike my comment to see if the dislike button actually
    works? I’ve tried disliking peoples comments and it never does anything…

  4. Yeah I would never work at walmart. I don’t mind shopping there since it’s
    the cheapest but I would never work there.

  5. 0:49 reminds me of a time I worked at Six Flags as a caricature artist.
    Someone gave me their phone for a drawing of their kids and there
    was…Gay. Porn. EVERYWHERE DX I’ll never be clean….

  6. Why do people at Walmart dress so bad and are nasty. At my walmart some
    people litter and do bad things. 

  7. these people complaining about getting paid minimum wage, yet they didn’t
    study or do anything to earn more $, and all walmart employees give shitty
    customer service. they act if your bothering them. all you walmart
    employees need to get under the minimum wage for such a shitty job you do.

  8. I wonder if people that shop at a Wal-Mart in China ever buy stuff they
    made earlier that week.