Men Watch Childbirth For The First Time

These guys are about to find out where babies come from. Someone brought Cup Noodles. Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Faceboo…

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23 thoughts on “Men Watch Childbirth For The First Time

  1. Gee…I wonder who these ‘men’ are. Oh, it’s same people who are in every
    BuzzFeed video. -_-

  2. Is childbirth really a miracle when it’s designed to happened, and happens
    thousands of times every day?

  3. I had to watch this in school when I was 10. I didn’t freak out anywhere
    near as much as these guys did.

  4. I’ve already seen a goat being born tons of times so it’s probably the same

  5. Men come out of vaginas and spent the rest of their life trying to get back
    into one. 

  6. My wife is 7 months in and I have a feeling that I’m not gonna enjoy
    watching her give birth to out twins..

  7. Women may have it really hard when it comes to pregnancy, but it doesn’t
    mean men don’t have it hard either.

  8. Ok, now you need to show them a compilation of guys getting hit in the
    balls, after a video of a really horrible breakup with the girl dumping the
    guy, then there needs to be another ball hitting compilation. This is the
    only thing that will make up for buzz feeds recent feminine outbreak,
    honestly guys I can take a bit of feminism but I don’t want 10 consecutive
    videos of,”aww, feel sorry for this woman” and,”this guy is a dick”
    or,”look how stupid this guy is”

  9. The human population was in the millions in the 1300s. In the 700 years
    since our numbers have risen to 7 billion people. How is child birth a
    miracle? It is a plague on this planet. There need to be more abortions. 

  10. Watched this in my freshman year of high school during my Bio class. I had
    similar reactions to these guys (particularly Sam and Zach). 90% of my
    class was freaking out. I’m kinda glad that I’ll never see that in real
    like haha.