The Fosters [Extended Preview]

Check out an extended preview of The Fosters from executive producer Jennifer Lopez! Share this post to help spread the word about this awesome new ABC Famil…

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25 thoughts on “The Fosters [Extended Preview]

  1. Jennifer Lopez
    ha prodotto una nuova serie
    intitolata #TheFosters
    è in onda dal 3 giugno (in USA)
    per #ABCFamily 

  2. The best show I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait to see the new season.
    I’ve watched it 7x’s since I discovered it by accident. Can’t get enough
    of it. It covers alot of issues about real life. Thank you Jennifer for
    bringing us such a beautiful heart felt show. I’m a fan forever!!!!!

  3. I just started watching and its just incredible how many serious themes
    this covers. Brilliant show. 

  4. You did a great job producing this jennifer! It is such a beautiful story
    that would hopefully open eyes and minds and hearts. :)

  5. If u want to watch this show in the UK then go to coke and popcorn site all
    the latest USA shows r on there! Happy watching :0)

  6. when i first watched this show i did not expect to love it as much as i do
    now! This show is amazing!!!