Mother Reports Teenager’s Sexting To Authorities

“A Dinwiddie mother got a nasty shock when she went through her daughter’s cell phone and tablet. The pictures she discovered were so disturbing that she tur…

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25 thoughts on “Mother Reports Teenager’s Sexting To Authorities

  1. That mom is an asshole, in my opinion. Nude photos are not an unusual thing
    for people who have grown up with computers. To put your kid in the hands
    of the police to face a possible sex offender label is insane and just
    plain stupid.

  2. Some people are so quick to run to authorities about their own
    children….do they not realize this is a parenting issue THEY need to
    handle?? Why would someone throw their child to the wolves when obviously
    at 13 they make stupid decisions and dont think of the consequence.
    ..settin their kids up for failure at suchh a young age…nevermind the
    betrayal and loss of trust this teen will have toward her parents…betcha
    she never confides in them when shit goes wrong or she needs advice or
    help…just sad


  4. Take away her phone and tablet and then ground her for a long while. That
    is so not okay, if anyone finds those she could be bullied and not to
    mention that’s not something to do at 13. 

  5. this mum is such a bitch their kids and this is the crap that they do its
    stupid but it happens and if that was my daughter i would just ask her if
    she was going to have sex does she want a baby and that this will
    drastically alter your future and it could possibly ruin your life. yeah
    condoms could reduce the risks but they dont remove the risk.

  6. I might report it if I didn’t have any other way to find out who the
    pictures were going to. If an adult is preying on my child’s ignorance, I’d
    want to know who it is. It’s all well and good to say that parents should
    prevent this type of thing in the first place, but technology makes it
    nearly impossible. If you’re constantly monitoring your child’s activity,
    someone will say you’re being overbearing, but if something like this
    happens, they say you should have been more careful. It’s not easy to deal
    with, so I’m not going to be quick to judge on that.

  7. They’re just being kids…you know this mom is a hardcore religious

  8. So there is a 18 year old involved, that means a grown ass man is trying to
    convince a 13 yo girl to produce child pornography and to have sex with him.

    And obviously no one sees a problem with this. Can only guess pedophile
    rights are the next civil right cause.

  9. About sex talk, i was in grade 6-7 at the time when we were doing “family”
    planning, aka talking about our reproductive system, hormones n etc.. i
    didn’t hear a single thing about any parent going apeshit about their kid
    learning about sex in school.

    But i think that was because i live in western Canada (B.C), and it’s
    pretty liberal where i live.

  10. I don’t get it. If liberals love big govt so much then they should love
    calling the police for everything. A big police state should be liberals
    dream come true. Why am I wrong ? 

  11. 13 with a phone and a tablet? When I was 13 I had yo-yos and lego. Spoiled
    little brats.

    And what about sexting? I was masturbating to porn when I was like 12 or

  12. Im glad she got turned in. She committed a crime and deserves to be
    punished. How do we learn if there is no consequence for our own actions.
    This is an example of parents being real parents and not their kids

  13. Now before people start saying things like, “You’re a pervert!” or, “I bet
    you rape children”, just hear me out please. I think that the age of
    consent in the US should be 14 and here’s why. Many people say that
    children can’t be trusted and don’t know the full scale of their actions
    and pending consequences. This just isn’t true; a simple question like
    asking whether or not they look while crossing the street. Obviously yes,
    so they know the difference between right and wrong. People just use the,
    “It’s because they’re young and don’t know better” excuse way too much.
    Kids nowadays know plenty well what should be done, and what shouldn’t.
    Secondly, most women (averaging here) start having their menstrual cycles
    around ages 11-13. This is literally the body’s mechanism for excreting
    unfertilized eggs (indicating that she is ready to produce a baby). Keep in
    mind that I’m NOT saying that they should try to procreate, just
    intercourse. Third, back in the pre-1920’s years, it was the norm for girls
    to be engaging in intercourse with older men, and certain places in Africa
    and India still marry them off around these ages. That’s just an
    interesting point for you to think about. Finally, think about the main
    reason kids AREN’T having intercourse that early: Society. The world has
    implanted a mindset into the people that “teenagers having sex is bad and
    it will ruin their lives”. But the way I see it, that’s how we were meant
    to be. Puberty also hits around that age, and that’s when the “horniness”
    kicks in. And I think that we all know that kids around that age want to
    have intercourse. It’s wired into our brains. Guys, you know what I’m
    talking about. That one algebra teacher? But back to the topic. People will
    say that it would just increase the STD rate, more teen pregnancy, promotes
    rape culture etc. And I do somewhat back them; kids can be extremely
    reckless sometimes, and bad things will happen, but that’s why
    responsibility needs to fall on them. It can add a new element for parents
    to prepare them for the real world. I mean, a girl can start driving at 15
    and endanger thousands of lives, but can’t be intimate with a man she loves
    only 3 year older than her. Just that fact alone points out a major flaw in
    the system. Oh, and don’t hate too badly; friendly debate criticism
    requested 🙂 

  14. 13, not a child. She’s doing it because her biological makeup is telling
    her to. I hate this must protect anyone under 18 at all costs from anything
    remotely sexual. Disgusting.

    Sure I wouldn’t want my daughter (if I had one) out there sleeping around
    at 13 either, but it’s still perfectly natural for a 13 year old to want
    to. Obviously to get more specific, it depends on the person in question,
    but to treat something as natural as sexuality as bad because you’re
    uncomfortable with it being your adolescent daughter is downright
    ridiculous. Even more so is calling the police, especially when this is
    treated as child pornography.

    I weep for humankind..

  15. I’m all for teens being able to be sexually active, but she was 13. That’s
    just way too young, those pictures could be considered child porn. For once
    in my life, I’m actually supporting the parent in this.

  16. I think I have a solution that may or may not work. Since it is illegal to
    have sex with a minor shouldn’t there be criminal implications if two
    minors have sex with each other? It might also reduce the amount of teem
    pregnancy, but I could be wrong.