The Lesson Oprah Learned About Her Relationship with Her Mother – Oprah’s Lifeclass – OWN

Subscribe to OWN: During Oprah’s Lifeclass, Bishop T.D. Jakes’ discussion about children and their lofty expectations of parents strike…

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25 thoughts on “The Lesson Oprah Learned About Her Relationship with Her Mother – Oprah’s Lifeclass – OWN

  1. He forgot to say that the only way we can achieve this kind of love is by
    connecting to the source of Love who will help us bear all of these things
    and give us strength and courage to love beyond out abilities which is God.
    Without Him, we will easily fall back into our old habits and weaknesses.
    God is Love, without Him we are trying to love with our own feeble efforts.

  2. Oprah DOES believe in Jesus. I don’t know where some of you are getting
    this rumor from. So stop repeating it.

  3. Oprah and T D Jakes spoke volumes of wisdom….the last statement hit me
    hard, I had to watch this clip twice.

  4. Which Jesus?Not the Jesus of the Bible otherwise she would not be ok with
    homosexuality being treated as if its what God intended when it is not and
    promoting it to the world that its normal and healthy.

  5. Another homosexual trying to legitimize perversion to suit their sin. Sorry
    doesn’t work the whole Bible is from God, Jesus and the holy spirit so keep
    wishing it isn’t so but there is plenty to tell us what the difference is
    between immorality and morality unless you are mentally deficient or just
    plain evil.And God does have it under control.Everything that people like
    you & society r pushing as moral is exactly what God said would be
    happening so keep on keepin on.We will all reap what we sow

  6. I just told you to show love to everyone. How is ANYTHING about that wrong?
    How did you gather that I’m a homosexual just because I told you to show
    love to people? THIS. This is the reason why people leave the church and
    get discouraged from coming closer to God. I said NOTHING about sin,
    morality, mental deficiency, and society. All I said was speak from a place
    of LOVE. lol #JesusOnTheMainline Good day!

  7. And since when is speaking the truth not showing love?PC crap is what is
    destroying society & is exactly what this government wants!And selfish
    people will use any excuse to leave the church but in the end no excuse is
    going to be good enough.Real love means speaking truth even if it hurts and
    is what Jesus did.

  8. Tonya Webb.. I believe the LORD will fix the flaw in others if he so
    designs. Peter had flaws but Jesus kept him as a disciple all of them did
    including Judas even when he betrayed him.. He allowed him to chose his
    fate. One thing God will not change your choice.

  9. how do you feel about illegitimacy? Single mothers? Are they to be cast to
    hell as well?

  10. If anyone accepts jesus as their lord and savior and repents they will be
    saved.We have all fallen short but must repent and obey period.No one is
    perfect and we all have free will but he has rules period.

  11. Damn that made me tear up for some reason. Maybe cause he’s speaking so
    much truth it hits the heart. Especially when its those issues or related
    issues to what he is speaking of , is what you struggle with.´╗┐

  12. Some people have family that is not worth loving or letting in. Js… This
    video only applies to people who have family members who, although are
    imperfect, still love them and are not totally destructive to have in their