Why Every Daddyless Daughter Needs to Tell the Radical Truth – Oprah’s Lifeclass – OWN

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11 thoughts on “Why Every Daddyless Daughter Needs to Tell the Radical Truth – Oprah’s Lifeclass – OWN

  1. “The level of emotional dishonesty becomes the filter for which we live
    every aspect of our lives” Holla!!!!!

  2. mmm i dont knoe my dad either. All i can really say is that it must’ve been
    nice to be young and irresponsible.

  3. Once the damage is done, it’s done: it’s irreversible and hopeless. Let us
    say, a fatherless daughter who lies under every plebeian she encounters in
    a disco, on vacation, in a coffee shop and elsewhere, one who’s prone to be
    abused, morally and physically disgraced and enjoys it, one diagnosed with
    any or all of a Cluster B disorders, an irreparable exhibitionist, an
    alcoholic and a coke head, a slut promiscuous ad infinitum, a “soul”
    without ideals, is absolutely irreparable. She’ll lead a petty so-called
    “life” of disrepair and debauchery, therewith hurting anyone who gives a
    damn (such are very few and far between – and their number will be
    irrecoverably depleted sooner rather than later) and serving a cum
    receptacle to the hundreds or thousands of plebeian who don’t. For a petty,
    poor thing like that “untimely” death is a blessing, for life is a constant
    torture (not that objectively having no father is one-tenth the issue they
    made in their ill heads when growing up – just an excuse to fuck themselves
    into a disrepair). Talking of first-hand experience here.
    Of course, this isn’t relevant to any fatherless daughter with a modicum
    of moral fibre.

  4. Its hard and painful and the TRUTH. Iyanla, u no how to hit that nerve that
    I never new it exsist. I do over commit alot. I dont know why I do that. I
    guess its for love and attention. I dont know, i’m only human.