Iyanla’s 90-Day Rule for Daddyless Daughters – Oprah’s Lifeclass – Oprah Winfrey Network

OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities. Sarah from Brisbane, Australia, was tired …

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25 thoughts on “Iyanla’s 90-Day Rule for Daddyless Daughters – Oprah’s Lifeclass – Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Oh yes, she should in fact further than that. Ya’ll men don’t want them to
    of course! Why would you?

  2. Yes, why buy the cow when the commitment-phobes can get the milk for free,
    right? #smh

  3. I really liked this because I have carried a fear in me that my father
    leaving will somehow show up again in other relationships. I know that I
    somehow end up with unavailabe men and carry on these long term
    reationships in hopes they will result in marriage, a partner, A friend and
    a husband who will never leave me the way my father did. This was powerful.
    Please do more on this topic.

  4. Surrender the AGAINSTNESS & be clear about what you want. Exercise the 90
    day rule when dating. If you don’t stay by your standards you will never
    know what’s possible.

  5. Sarah from Brisbane, Australia, was tired of dating unavailable men so she
    says she’s since shut herself off completely. Now, she wants to know how to
    let the right people into her life. Watch as Iyanla explains the 90-day
    rule she believes all women should follow.

    #fatherlessdaughters #relationships #healing #oprahwinfrey

  6. I don’t think they answered her question about “how to let people in”.

  7. but see this is what bother’s me: do people really think girls who have
    father’s that didn’t leave don’t encounter these same obstacles. It’s a
    competition out here and when women are constantly giving away the milk for
    free it makes every woman’s worth lower not just that one particular woman.
    It makes the the stock in women go down in general.

  8. I don’t agree with the 90 day rule and I think it not for every situation.
    There are men out there who are just as much a good catch as a good women
    and sometimes you could lose a good man all because you want to play the 90
    day rule game. Just because he doesn’t want to wait 3 months for you does
    not make him a horrible person nor a shallow one either. I’m not saying you
    should give it without knowing the person well first but you can’t apply
    this method to every situation. check out the videos on my page with good
    advice on different relationship topics.

  9. I’ve had my father in my life since the day I was born,but it seems like
    all he does is hurts me and makes me want to cry. 

  10. fathers can still be around but not emotionally available. its common and
    in my opinion can hurt even more than never meeting your father at all.

    anyway, the 90 day rule is a good rule, because it gives you time to figure
    out if you want the person or not and if they hold up to your standards or
    not. if its not hard for you to break off relationships you’re not feeling,
    even after you’ve had sex, (or you know what you want and if you’ve got it
    or not), i think you’ll be okay.

  11. You must never allow yourself to compromise the value of your emotion and
    your body for the affection on anyone. If you do, you then have de valued
    yourself. Be ready to be alone, rather then with a person you find you
    have to lower yourself for.

  12. It surprises me that neither Oprah nor Iyanla acknowledged that a great
    father was sitting in the audience. He spoke about his daughter and in
    that he revealed the connection, communication and trust that he has with
    his child. In this age of man bashing, particularly black man bashing,
    this guy was remarkable. It is not easy for teenage girls to open up to
    anyone, particularly their fathers about sensitive issues. Kudos, “good

  13. Does anyone know the last name of the male co-host that is sitting in the
    audience that Oprah refers to as “Steve”? I would like to find more videos
    about him. Thank you! 

  14. I recommend doing The Rules. You can avoid a lot of bad men and bad
    relationships by doing The Rules, find the One who is crazy about you and
    learn what it takes to keep him.