Daddy took my ear and nose!

Little Boy Devastated as Dad Takes His Ear Hanging out with my son before bed time when I thought I’d try the ol’ ‘Steal the Nose’ trick. My sons reaction wa…

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25 thoughts on “Daddy took my ear and nose!

  1. Oh my goodness, this was incredibly hilarious! I’ve going to have to try
    this game with some little kids and see their reactions…but I doubt
    they’ll be as horrified as this kid!

  2. Yeah, when I tried the “I got your nose!” gag with my daughter 20+ years
    ago, this was the reaction I got, too.
    We didn’t play *that* game again.

  3. Thank you guys so much for the positive comments! 🙂 We really had no idea
    this was going to blow up like this. We posted this for our distant family
    and friends because it is so funny (and yet you feel like a bad person for
    laughing lol). We are so glad this brightened peoples day and put a smile
    on faces. If anything Jax loves to make people laugh. Usually he is
    dancing around or being silly, but we caught him before bed when he was a
    tad bit over tired. Enjoy! 

  4. He’s so adorable, I just want to eat him! :3

    This video is gonna go viral…..

  5. I Like you man =), but child’s cry hurt me … don’t do this again, plz.
    You never know how does your child feel after that when one part of his
    body gone and than put back.

  6. when this was done to me i just looked at them like “wtf you on about?” i
    could still smell and hear and feel my ears and nose on my head still,
    maybe i was just more aware of my own body then most i dunno.

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