Daddy-Daughter Date Goes Viral

Some viewers are calling the father-daughter date heartwarming, while others say it’s “very creepy.”

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25 thoughts on “Daddy-Daughter Date Goes Viral

  1. The first thing I noticed about the little girl is that she is a fantastic
    communicator. Her verbal skills are beyond most. This tells me that she
    is an integral part of a very verbal family. This only allows for a
    fantastic foundation. As we all know, our parents are our first teachers.
    Lots of teaching going on in that home! Good job, teachers, I mean

  2. This is so sweet and this is how a man should treat their lady!! The reason
    people think this is “creepy” or “nauseating” or that when you say “date”
    you think of romance is because this generation has sexualized EVERYTHING!!
    And that when couples today “date” it means at the end of the date they are
    in bed. They do not take the time to get to know who they are with or get
    married, if they want to sleep together, for that matter. And most dads
    are not in their daughters lives, whether by choice or moms don’t want them
    there, so they do not know how a real man should treat them. Way to go dad.
    This little girl will not be looking for a male or a relationship at 12 to
    feel in the gap of an absent dad or male figure in her life. We need more
    men like this!!

  3. So cute my dad took me on father daughters dates movies, dinner,
    rollerblading. It’s what a good father does. I’m so thankful for those

  4. She is going to remember these “dates” with her dad for the rest of her
    life. I just lost my dad on the 14th and I remember our Saturday morning
    Breakfast dates like they were yesterday. I loved my dad. I was his
    youngest child so I was always daddy’s little girl. People don’t seem to
    get that a life can change in an instant one minute your here and the next
    your gone in the blink of an eye. I can’t ever get those moments back with
    my dad but at least I have them in my heart.

  5. there’s nothing creepy about it at all! It’s awesome that he makes this
    time with his daughter so special, and she’s obviously enjoying it
    thoroughly, things she’ll remember for a lifetime!

  6. Teach daughter how she should be treated by a MAN?? Date, Read roases and
    Straw berries are not to look for in a husband.. thats why girls end up
    sleeping with 10 men before they even get to think of a serious relation…
    teach your girls to look for men of character, values, trust, maturity to
    handle life .. thats what fathers should teach their daughters…..

  7. Really adorable, too bad some people were never loved as children xD which
    is why they’re calling this creepy 

  8. How low can people’s attitude get any more. So what if he uses the term
    “Date.” He shows his love for his child which is more than I can say for so
    many parents who desert their children and have no time for them. Those
    taking this video the wrong way should look within themselves to see how
    corrupted their own minds are rather than attack this father for doing what
    all fathers should do.

  9. Obviously the people that think its weird don’t have kids or are the weird
    ones in fact. Its a Dad being a Real Dad. Sick minds conjure sick
    suggestive thoughts .

  10. This is in no way creepy nowadays any man who takes a child out is labeled
    a paeodophile and its pathetic. Those who think it is creepy are the ones
    with sick minds.

  11. Are you kidding me people? This is so sweet. He is not a perv. He is a
    great father. All he did is set a standard for his daughter to look for in
    a man. How is this wrong. She loves him, she enjoys that. Most kids are
    begging for some alone time with their dad, and because he does that for
    his kids, he is creepy. COMMON people. Try to live a little. This is a
    great dad…. I loved this, very sweet. Not creepy at all. I wish my dad
    did something like this with me, and maybe I would not have dated all

  12. Thats bizarre and wrong. He is warping that childs brain. Shes gonna have
    daddy issues growing older.

  13. to all of your people comments i wish i can be able to race my daughter and
    do what this video show as a dad i am away from her just because i was not
    legal in that USA its 1 year now going trough hell not able to be there for
    her God bless all you stop talking trash about this video

  14. This video is great and more dad’s should follow. His actually spending
    time with his daughter while teaching her what to expect in a man. 90% of
    women date guys who remind them of their father, and when she gets older no
    joker is going to be able to play her because she knows what to expect. 

  15. You people are so sick and seriously need help. It’s crazy the amount of
    perverts in this world. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. This
    little girl is going to grow up with self-esteem. She will know how a man
    is supposed to act and won’t fall for the first man to say she is pretty
    (like most young women these days) and wind up with an asshole. He is
    setting a wonderful example for her and spending quality time all at once.
    And one day when he is gone she will cherish those memories. 

  16. Why is this a bad thing? I would go out on a “dinner date” with my mother
    every once and a while, and if my father was ever around I wouldn’t mind
    going on “dinner dates” with him as a kid. Anyone who thinks this is wrong
    is just sick and perverted. I find this video very sweet. What a great
    father. 🙂 

  17. People will literally freak out about ANYTHING. How many times have we seen
    a movie or a real-life news story about a girl who falls in with the wrong
    crowd or ends up with a man who mistreats her, because she had no positive
    father-figure growing up? This guy is spending time with his daughter, and
    in the process, teaching her how she deserves to be treated, and people
    want to call it creepy?! Worry about real issues, people. This is

  18. Both fathers and mothers in Christ can model different aspects of their
    Lord within those roles. The idea that these girls will grow up expecting
    suits and roses on the first date and think any man who can’t provide them
    to be inferior is the most worrying. You can have one on one time with your
    kids without all this rhubarb.

  19. Back in the 80’s, James Dobson taught that the more natural, beautiful, and
    loving a father is toward his daughter(s), the more likely those daughters
    will be to set a high standard for the young men she begins to date. Having
    four sisters, I have seen this to be true in lives of those of us who were
    close to our Dad ,,,,, and the opposite for my sisters who were not close
    to my Dad. This is a beautiful testimony to a close, loving relationship
    between Father and Daughter!! 

  20. If you find this anything BUT cute and educational YOU ARE THE CREEP!!!
    Plain and simple end of story period and QUIT TROLLING YOU FREAKS THAT HAVE
    NO LIVES!!!! I would give anything for my daughter’s father to be this
    involved in her life versus the 1 every few months sometimes 8 months

  21. It’s ridiculous that people are taking this video the wrong way. “Date”
    isn’t a purely romantic term, I mean kids have play dates and no one
    assumes anything is romantic about it. If you want to assign a new term for
    it, great, but what this guy did for his daughter is so sweet. She’s going
    to remember these for the rest of her life and it’s setting the bar high
    for the dates in the future that are romantic.