Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Friends With Kids

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25 thoughts on “Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Friends With Kids

  1. 7.045 billion people and counting. I think we have enough people thank you
    very much. 

  2. I have a son. He didn’t ruin my life, he made it better! Now I can do all
    the fun kid things like I used to because of him. We have all kinds of fun
    going to the zoo, playing at parks, and just having fun playing with toys
    together! Having a kid brought the kid back out of me :D

  3. I understand people about 30 that decided that it is time to make kids but
    young parents who are about 20 years old? I don’t understand them at all…
    unless it was an accident like (I guess) happens pretty often when not
    using protection.

  4. What is up with kid hate? Do these people not remember being children
    themselves at one point? 

  5. “Why don’t you stop your kid from screaming and sit there ignoring them?”

  6. Moral of the video is don’t have kids until you’re in your 30s! 

  7. The answer to all your questions is yes, with the exception of the pooping
    one. It feels like you’re going to poop, but you actually don’t. A big baby
    comes out and it feels nothing like pooping.

    I think everyone are accidents. I mean I don’t think parents literally Sat
    down and said tonight we are making a baby and bam! 9 months later it’s

    I see why lots of parents can’t wait until their kids are off to college. I
    can’t wait till mine is. He’s only two btw. 

  8. I wanna make a few points. Being a parent is the hardest, most rewarding
    job I have ever had. I’m a stay at home dad who takes care of four kids.
    One that is biologically mine and three that are my step-kids. My ex
    decided her life and partying was more important then the life she created,
    so i quit my job and started to take care of him and my stepson who’s
    father decided the same thing as my ex. The other two are teens that don’t
    need me as much as the younger two. I love them with all my heart and would
    do anything for them. Another point, stop calling them things. They are
    people and love more then you do now or ever will. The pay off is that if
    you’re a good parent and raise them right, they can make the world a better
    place. I feel sorry for people who don’t have kids. They don’t know that
    kind of love and loyalty. I bet the people in this video have parents who
    hate them and thought the same things about them as these people think
    about kids. It makes me sad…

  9. So do they walk up to random strangers and ask these questions or do they
    have actors for a skit

  10. People with kids who wanted them (like me) are actually happier and have
    more fulfilling lives after kids. Do I care if I can’t spend all my money
    on pointless new fashions and shoes? No. To me there is nothing better than
    being a mom. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t want it any other way. If you
    don’t want kids you shouldn’t have them…if you want them then you should.
    It’s really not that hard of a concept. If at your core you are
    maternal/paternal/a caretaker type then you will be happier raising little
    people. 🙂 If you really don’t like taking care of little people then
    please don’t have kids…and tell anyone that makes you feel guilty about
    that to eff off.

  11. I go straight to the mean joke:
    “What are you gonna do when you know you will start being like your mother?
    Yeah, have you realized the shitty girl/man you have been all this long? :)”

    No wonders I have no friends. Some people can’t deal with the truth.

  12. just have kids when you really know every single answers to those

  13. The reason why people say it’s bad to have kids… well, what they’re
    really saying “it’s bad to have kids when young”. Raising a kid is
    happiness, but it’s also an 18-year-long project, which you usually cannot
    combine with other projects. Forget bars and fashion, you have no time for
    studying, music, hobbies, art, writing or anything else that used to define
    YOU from other people. Maybe you had a talent you did not explore because
    of this. It’s a waste of your own life. People should work on themselves
    first before committing to a family. Though, lets be fair, if they really
    have nothing else to do with their lives, then yes – make a family and
    hopefully your kid would be a better example of society. If you can’t be a
    great person, at least raise a great person.

  14. Kids are fun and make an enjoyable distraction from the seriousness of
    adulthood. What I don’t like about kids is what it does to my friends. It’s
    like boom. I had friends annnnnd then they had kids. It feels like they
    took off to some ‘other planet’. I mean that because all of a sudden they
    have no time anymore. Friendship becomes…well not even second, just non
    existent. I grew up with these guys and now it’s just way too difficult to
    hang out with them or do something. The thought of them dropping over my
    place or meeting out somewhere is ludicrous. If there’s ever a chance to
    catch up it’s me driving to their place. That’s pretty much the only
    option. Now whenever I have a friend tell me they’re having kids I can’t
    help but think ‘Dude, I’m losing another one!’.