Top 5 Bad Parenting || JukinVideo Top Five

These top 5 bad parenting examples will hopefully show you how not to treat your kids! SUBSCRIBE: LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://fa…

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Bad Parenting || JukinVideo Top Five

  1. the second video was just a mother having fun with het kids, not a mother
    failing at teaching her kids how to pogo!

  2. Has nothing to do with parenting. The fact that they were with their kids
    playing makes the better them most. 

  3. Video should be named, “retarded kids who won’t make it in life”…

  4. 1. Not bad parenting, just a stupid kid
    2. Not bad parenting, great parenting, letting the kid learn his limits
    3. Terrible parenting, why in the fuck would you let your kid put anything
    like that over their head
    4. Even worse parenting, I’ve seen the video before and apparently the
    window was open
    5. Not bad parenting, just a stupid kid with a webcam and frisbee

  5. I’m failing to see any bad parenting here. Unless you’re one of these
    modern pussies who things that kids shouldn’t ever get hurt or scared.
    Hell, the stuff we did make these look like child’s play. We didn’t die.

  6. The bitch that hit the window better not be crying, she only hit her legs
    so that bitch better not be crying or I would throw her out in the ocean
    for being a weakling.

  7. weirdest thing = the boy with his hath, I mean when do you see a kid with
    that kind of hath other than in cartoons

  8. Becoming conscious of hurtful patterns and being willing to change those
    patterns is the greatest gift we can give children”