Fox News Host Tells Michelle Obama To Lose Weight

“For those of you who’ve yet to tire of seeing professional slimeball Keith Ablow make an embarrassment of himself on Fox, check out this clip from today’s Outnumbered. While discussing…

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25 thoughts on “Fox News Host Tells Michelle Obama To Lose Weight

  1. Yeah, Ana could lose a few pounds as well, her fat ass is looking bigger
    than Cenk. 

  2. Kids do need to lose weight but because of that bitch our lunch food at
    school sucks ass now then I dont eat…so what is worse?

  3. Got to give him credit. We’re all tired of Michelle’s nanny state ideas.

    If I want to drink a soda then fuck you first lady, I’m going to drink a
    soda. If I want a doughnut, I’m going to eat a damn doughnut. If I want a
    taco. I’m going to eat a taco! 

  4. Okay, now let’s get to the bigger issue. Does Ana look pregnant to anybody
    else, or was she just oushing out her gut?

  5. See, I like how Cenk, in one of the previous videos, was against a Fox news
    host because he was grouping radical Muslims with normal Muslims, but it’s
    okay for Ana here to make broad, sweeping statements about conservatives,
    because they’re all the same, right?

  6. What is wrong with the food I had 25 years ago at lunch? It was cheap and
    we were good all day. It was one step up from military food.We are fine.
    Its these new schools that have certain fast food place in there with the
    school lunch. I was in shock when I saw that. 

  7. It should be the parents to in force healthy eating not the schools. If the
    kid doesn’t want to get big then pack your own healthy lunch. Don’t take
    away the tasty food from the kids that are just fine. This is coming from a
    kid in school, so just saying. 

  8. That guy is fucking fat how can a fat person tell another fat person to
    loose weight ? 

  9. She really wants to help the people get fit. they shouldn’t allow SODA to
    cost less then f***ing water.

  10. I’m sorry I’m a highschooler and the school lunch tastes like Windex. Lile
    get it together peopleeee I would like real food. Not over fatty food, not
    cheap overprocessed “healthy food” real food.

  11. How Fox News can you get? Literally every other person on that show
    disagreed with Ablow. TYT needs to get over the idea that Fox News is some
    monolithic organization. They have different hosts with different
    opinions, and those hosts are allowed to express their different opinions.
    I know all TYT hosts are pretty much all huge leftists, atheists, marijuana
    users, and stupid. But that does not mean every ‘news’ organization is the
    same as them.

  12. So damn disrespectful. They would NEVER even dared to say such things about
    the former 1st ladies. FUX news is hot garbage juice.

  13. I’m a senior in high school and i’m actually so glad that this has been
    enforced. Our food has become much more fresh and healthier. We finally
    have really nice food. I stopped eating school lunch as a freshman and
    brought my own fresh fruits. I just… What’s so wrong with this??? Who
    cares??? We’re going to be a healthier nation if we continue this. 

  14. “She wants to give them healthier foods”

    Guess what healthier foods cost more so ether the kids are going to have to
    spend more money or you are going to have to steal more money from people
    who don’t have children to pay for other people’s kids.

  15. Their own kids eat incredibly well, they just dont want your kids eating
    healthy though. They want your kids to only be able to afford soda and
    junkfood to fill their stomachs, its much easier to be an elite in a
    country where everyone is fat, unhealthy, malnourished and have a much
    higher chance to be ignorant as a result

  16. Was anyone else shocked at how flabby Ana’s tummy is when she stood up? Or
    is she pregnant? Gosh you really can’t tell that someone is overweight when
    they’re sitting behind a desk!

  17. What kind of world do we live in where promoting healthy eating for kids is
    a bad thing.

  18. I don’t care what that bitch says. The federal government has no place
    telling me what I can and can’t eat.