Hannah Montanas are the Filth of the Planet…FUNNY Nouman Ali Khan…

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25 thoughts on “Hannah Montanas are the Filth of the Planet…FUNNY Nouman Ali Khan…

  1. +TheFleibo 2:257, anti-terrorism; 5:32, sanctity of life; 17:32,
    extra-marital affair. Will you, please, side with the rest of the Muslims
    against atrocities?

  2. thats a really good point he made about how you can shut the door to
    communication with your kids by just reacting so strongly to something so

  3. I have a true question if you can answer this respect, I truly want to know
    that if a being from another plant were to come to earth can they become a
    muslim this is not a joke if you think this is a joke then your truly

  4. Wth, this man just straight up dissed Hannah Montana. if he said Miley
    Cyrus then I understand, cause the former is a fictional character and the
    latter is the typical example of what one may call “the filth of the
    planet”. They’re 2 separate people. He could have simply just said “filthy
    role model” cause she (Hannah Montana) did not do something that would
    negatively impact a massive populace, whereas Miley Cyrus did. But at the
    time this was being recorded, I don’t think either would’ve been a great
    example just to get his point across, he should have just listed somebody
    more morally corrupt. But whatever, he’s a smart individual and does a good
    job at what he does. 

  5. Your ancestry is Afghan? Wow brother, I didn’t know mashAllah, but the most
    important is that you’re Muslim alhamdulillah. Regards from an Afghan
    Muslim :D

  6. May i ask why if you hate the west so much, you still continue to live
    there? Isnt it more simple to go back to your islamic countries?

  7. Every parent regardless of their religion should protect their kids from
    this filth! 

  8. Mr. Shabab Choudhury, Let me tell you something All these muslim scholars
    you see will go back to Islamic countries the day west leave our muslim
    countries. such as Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt , Lebanon and many other
    countries in where western countries interfere in their matters. Tell
    western countries to mind their own fucking business and then all these
    scholars you see you wont see them anymore…

  9. The singing at the end is really annoying, please stop adding it. Thank

  10. They see that stuff everyday – but what they don`t see are the 9 year old
    girls that are married in Jemen, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia… where
    musilm pedophiles made this marriage laws legal or just do it because of
    their culture – because Mohammed also married a 9 year old. These are the
    filthy role models of Islam – the Muslims there are the filth of the earth.
    Raping the girls, destroying their vaginas so they die (as you can see in
    documentations from your muslim sisters that work in the hospitals there).
    Your filthy muslim brothers can rape children for the glory of their role
    model Mohammed, and you are there, blaming Hannah Montana..because the West
    is so bad and better ignore what goes on in Islamic countries.

  11. Much as I have little time for Islam, I have to agree with him as to the
    degenerate ways of western society. The suggestion that those who do not
    like this society should go and live in a Muslim country with more strict
    ideas would be fine if there were any such countries on this planet and
    whilst western society is like a runaway truck on the highway to hell,
    however unfortunately Islam is a bit like that truck on the flat highway
    with the engine revving and the handbrake on. There does not appear to be a
    middle ground.

  12. Shabab Chudry…just like ppl that Islam love spending time watching and
    talking about Islamic videos..you will find ppl criticizing the west but
    still love being here.

    Actually many white Westerners criticise the system and government in the
    west…where should they go???

  13. shabab choudhary, its their home and when you see something bad in your
    home then you fix it, you dont just leave your home and look for another
    home. they dont hate west but they hate the evil it contains. they are
    advising people and they are telling them whats good and how to stay away
    from evil.
    so what wrong with it?