Bowling Alley Fun with Sydney and Luke (WK 184.6) | Bratayley

We go bowling with our friends, Sydney and Luke and then go to their house for dinner! Sydney is excited to finally get an Instagram (maintained by her mom)….

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25 thoughts on “Bowling Alley Fun with Sydney and Luke (WK 184.6) | Bratayley

  1. Thumbs up if you live in Texas I can never find texans that watch there

  2. When i first saw sydney and annie i thought they were dating. They could
    date tho

  3. The Question of the day should be who’s your favorite role model and why

  4. now I enjoy these vlogs a ton ♥️ but I feel the background music was a
    little annoying, I got a headache from it and I’m asking you guys
    to please remove it or not let it go on for so long in the vlog.

    Just my opinion♥️

    (Now let all the fanboys and fan girls come in with the classic ‘ you’re
    jealous ‘ insult)

    QOTDA: Doritos 

  5. I LOVE Doritos if I had too eat them for the rest of my life I would