Buying An American Girl Doll With My Own Money (WK 187.2) | Bratayley

Today Annie orders another American Girl Doll with her money that she has saved from her birthday, Christmas and the tooth fairy. Also, we are excited to announce that we are starting a new…

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25 thoughts on “Buying An American Girl Doll With My Own Money (WK 187.2) | Bratayley

  1. Im not American so I looked at the American girl website to see the dolls
    and I like Caroline :)

  2. I have a just like me, and its hair is straight and really long,like my
    hair, but its hair is really hard to brush. They are also kind of creepy
    because their eyes don’t close

  3. Either Julie or Rebecca I have both of them but I don’t play with American
    girls anymore lol 

  4. I don’t want to be mean because I love guys but you couldn’t of gotten
    McKenna because she is retired. 

  5. I sware I was the 6th subscriber on the new channel cause I was one of the
    first views

  6. So exciting!!! and you should do a hair tutorial on the dolls hairstyle 🙂 

  7. Mine are ivy, Kirsten, Kaya, Felicity, and Elizabeth. I have a lot lol

  8. Annie is a brat to Haley……. And Annie can be a brat to Haley? But when
    Haley says the slightest thing to Annie she gets yelled at???