The Science Of Stay-At-Home Dads!

In honor of Father’s Day, DNews thought it would be fun to take a look at some dad science! Trace is joined by the Associate Producer of DNews Chastity Vicen…

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25 thoughts on “The Science Of Stay-At-Home Dads!

  1. I didn’t appreciate how Chastity at the end pretty much called guys stupid
    by saying ” figure out how the washer work”. I’m male and I wash my own
    cloths. It’s not hard to do. Yet she can something sexist like that and get
    away with it? If a guy say something sexist to a girl they’ll be judging
    the hell out of them, but vise versa is ok?

  2. Science says that something is good. Now, force people to do this or that.

    I’m all for staying at home when I get children but I don’t think that
    people should be forced into doing that by tempting dads to stay at home in
    exchange for money that was originally taken from them – like in Sweden.

    Society gets better once coercion, including political coercion, gets

  3. I wouldn’t mind being one but I still hope there would be money for
    everyone and their needs. And you know, the internet. Maybe in the future
    there would be more legit work-at-home jobs?

  4. everyone at least once as a kid experienced his parents having sex, now
    that comes to my mind… what if I had a gay parents and I heard them
    banging each other in their bedroom O.o

  5. I am 100% for gay adoptive parents and here is my proof. Science bitch!

  6. I like how 90% of the audience here either completely ignores the topic of
    the video, and half of those that DO comment on the topic just make wild
    assertions without backing up their claims and making themselves look like
    uneducated trolls =/

    Personally, I would LOVE to be a stay at home dad. I may not know how to
    cook or do most chores competently, but I’d be willing to learn, plus any
    job I’d take would probably be one I could do from home (software
    engineering of some kind) and I would REALLY want to help take the load of
    the kids off my wife so she could rest easily

  7. So it’s okay for women to go out into the work force, but it’s not okay for
    men to be stay-at-home dads? And the double standard lives on.

  8. I imagine myself as a stay-at-home dad in the future when computer related
    jobs become more common and working at home becomes popular.

  9. Becoming a Dad for the 1st time was the defining moment in my life,
    Suddenly i was responsible for two little bundles of joy and it was
    humbling, now 12 years after that definitive moment things are starting to
    move a little bit faster than i had bargained for, My two little Princesses
    are fast growing into two very Inquisitive little adults 🙂 

  10. If I decided to get a girl pregnant, then after she has the baby, I should
    have the right to be a stay at home dad to collect child support from the

  11. Thank god Laci isn’t covering this.. she’d probably say stay at home
    fathers oppress their wives by forcing them to work.

  12. My cousin was a stay at home Dad and his wife left him for another man.
    She got mad at him for not working.

  13. Men should have the skills necessary to live alone anyway–i.e. washing
    dishes, manually or by machine, doing laundry, and cooking.

  14. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Feminists support the male acquisition of
    paternity leave.

  15. Stay at home parents will become a thing of the past. The economy doesn’t
    allow people to make it on their own while paying for others. People
    should have less children because if you do not have a high income job,
    there is no way in hell you are paying for them. Most people do not have
    access to high income, therefore they should do themselves a favor and
    never reproduce. References of the past are irrelevant with struggling
    with children since its now much harder than it ever was before. 

  16. What if the mother and father trade-off who stays at home? Perhaps the
    mother stays at home during infancy, and then father stays at home for
    adolesce. And then they switch roles again. Seems like that would provide a
    good balance.

  17. I’m not sure why it was necessary to reference a public opinion poll but
    ok. That’s kind of a different field of study.

  18. I hope adoption agencies take note of this video. I’m sick and tired of
    being told that I can’t adopt simply because I’m a single guy. I would love
    to have a child!