Convos With My 2-Year-Old – “ELECTRICITY” – EPISODE 6, Season 3

Actual Conversations With My 3-Year-Old Daughter, as Re-enacted by Me and Another Full-Grown Man. Season 3 Episode 6. Get your Coco Superhero T-shirt here: h…

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25 thoughts on “Convos With My 2-Year-Old – “ELECTRICITY” – EPISODE 6, Season 3

  1. She didn’t say all that.

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  2. do you paint coco’s nails? cause if you do then i think it’s only fitting
    that david’s nails also be painted :)

  3. Still fascinated with how they find matching clothes for David and Coco

  4. thought this was Avis’s one his week….?
    I still watch everyweek but I’m excited bout the one with avia 

  5. You should have just told her that the guy was dead inside the box. I bet
    she would have stayed away then. Great video all the same.

  6. I love almost all of these videos, but this one made me feel uncomfortable.
    Why? Because Coco has now been taught to fear a harmless (yes, harmless)
    metal box. However, this could lead to a great parenting moment if the dad
    has a follow-up conversation to tell Coco, “Turns out, the box itself is
    fine; but inside is where it’s dangerous.”

    (Inb4 I receive ridiculous criticism for commenting on their parenting
    styles. If they don’t want that, they shouldn’t post videos!)

  7. So what about the man on the picture, you just leave him there to be

  8. This is such an accurate representation of what it’s like to talk to little

  9. I swear I’ve had convos EXACTLY like this with my son at that age LOL!!!
    This one is SO believable!

  10. I think it’d be funny if they had the little man on the sign listed in the
    cast. ( :

  11. This was the funniest one in a while. Maybe if I turn into a picture….XDD

  12. I like how these have changed from the ridiculous conversations of
    2-year-olds to the difficult-to-answer questions of 3-year-olds.

  13. This channel used to be so popular, I wonder what happened! This is still
    one of my favorite channels on YouTube!