What If Adults Had Tantrums Like Toddlers?

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25 thoughts on “What If Adults Had Tantrums Like Toddlers?

  1. Hidden cam? Adult tantrums? Go. Watch until after the credits too. That guy
    walking past is our hero. #funny #humor #tantrums #funnyvids #lolz
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  2. I absolutely love this. So many times I want to act like this outwardly. I
    do so in myind though!

  3. I think everyone who is an adult right now has had a temper tantrum… aybe
    when no one was around, or maybe they didn’t care but I am pretty sure
    we’ve all had one.
    We have them silently in our heads every other minute: “Why-y-y-yyy do I
    have to do GROWN UP stuff all the ti-i-i-ime… I HATE work! I just wanna
    stay home and play-y-y!!!!!!”

  4. *What if Adults had Tantrums?*

    I bet you’ve known a few people like this. I know I have 🙂

    #tantrum #funny #funnyvideo #youtube 

  5. my mom always had tantrums… if she didnt get what she wanted she would
    scream and throw things… ugh… so glad i dont live with her

  6. I believe you guys still do this.
    You: Mom can I…
    Mom: No.

  7. Those people in the coffee shop are probably like “Holy shit, she has some
    And I unfortunately have tantrums with my computer. IT has caused me so
    many issues, not just because of Wi-Fi, but also because it always ends up
    crashing when I need it most, deleting my files, not working when I need to
    do research for a project, and other things. How do you explain to your
    teachers many times for days in a row that you couldn’t turn in your
    homework because of legitimate computer problems?

  8. I wonder if she did all of those things in public without anyone knowing
    she was acting xD

  9. Idk why she made me a little happy not like boner happy but happy like
    Pharell happy 

  10. I watched the “What If Adults Got Excited Like Kids?” video, and watches
    this directly afterwise.The first one was painful to watch and I don’t know
    why I thought this would be a good idea…

  11. Ha haaa! What if Adults Had Tantrums?! I’ve been known to demonstrate to my
    kiddies so they could see how they look when they are throwing a tantrum.

  12. I wonder the people in the coffee shop were confused or trying to hold
    their laughter.

  13. The computer when it malfunction and yes I kick and scream like a child
    would do. And hit it too.

  14. This is literally the way my mom got me to stop throwing tantrums as a kid.
    She’d jump down on the floor and have one with me. It looks so awful seeing
    an adult do it that it maked me realize how stupid it looks! Thanks mom I
    could not throw another without that image of her doing the same! She
    mommed it all up and then it was no fun! Lmao!