That’s A Bouncy House, In The Sky, After The Kids Fell Out

“Two young boys were seriously hurt late Monday afternoon when a gust of wind blew an inflatable “bounce house” into the air with three children inside, toss…

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25 thoughts on “That’s A Bouncy House, In The Sky, After The Kids Fell Out

  1. Professional Bouncy House Personal …Bouncer?

    PS: Take them to Bouncy Houses that are inside buildings.

  2. Make them with an extra piece of material so you can tie it to a tree.
    Easy answer…. or, don’t play in a bouncy house in 100km winds… better
    make that advisory clear on rental/purchase. =\

  3. Shocked that the Govt. didn’t arrest them for entering the airspace without
    a permit.
    Yay Police State.. 

  4. Fucking breeders! This is why NO ONE should have kids! End reproduction
    today people! Only through cloning can we avoid this kind of tragedy and
    further more, all parents should be put on trial and executed for crimes
    against humanity. 

  5. Did it rain recently in the area that they were in? That would explain it.

  6. How did this even happen in any situation other than a tornado?

    Please tell me they didn’t fill it with helium. I’d prefer they fill it
    with hydrogen so they might accidentally explode themselves and remove
    their stupid selves from the gene pool.

    Seriously how the fuck does this happen?! I am freaking out!

  7. Of course ‘Muricans would wanna hire bouncy castle professionals. How about
    these idiots don’t open bouncy castles when its windy outside…

  8. I propose we instate comprehensive background checks for those wishing to
    purchase or rent these deadly bounce houses. For the children. If it
    saves just one child’s life, isn’t it worth it?

  9. I remember using these as a kid, but they had cords at the corners that
    were tied and nailed into the ground; so I gotta wonder how much of this is
    the bouncy house makers fault and how much is the parents fault for not
    using common sense

  10. I think it’s best if they just used one of their fat American parents and
    jumped on them instead in future.

  11. It’s probably the same rule as with hot air ballooning. If you are holding
    onto the control ropes on the ground, and a gust of wind lifts the balloon
    and yourself even two inches, let go immediately. If you don’t let go
    right away and now you are five feet up, let go. Do not hesitate. There
    is no point where you should decide it is ill advised to let go because you
    have to have in your mind there is ABSOLUTELY NO decision to be made. Let

    A friend of the family owned a hot air balloon and had one of his workers
    held onto one of the ropes until something like 35 feet up before getting
    spun by a gust of wind, lost his grip, and fell to his death. The main
    reason people don’t let go is because they are moving sideways at a
    moderately high speed and they don’t want to hop off and scrape their hands
    or sprain their wrists. Requiring a bit of Neosporin is way better than
    needing a funeral.

  12. bouncy house? Haha never heard that before. They’re called bouncy castles
    in the UK

  13. Bouncy what?! House? That’s the most ridiculous Americanism I’ve ever
    heard. They’re called Bouncy Castles! Seriously, who in America keeps
    deciding to change the original British terms for things into seriously
    worse ones. Bouncy house? Most boring name ever. Who wants a Bouncy house
    when they can have a BOUNCY CASTLE!

  14. I’m sorry, but I am not blaming a bouncy house for this kind of injury.
    Operator error.
    The parents set it up improperly and the kids were too good damn stupid to
    jump out before it took off 15 feet in the air. America is too stupid to
    use a balloon!

  15. 200 people die in a mine explosion in Turkey, The world’s biggest elections
    take place in India and here we have “The Young Turks” discussing about a
    flying bouncy house….

    Your priorities are messed up as a news network

  16. Ana is so fucking naive. It’s fucking ridiculous if you don’t think so look
    at this video again the part when she starts talking about them regulating
    and shit. I was just watching in awe as I listen to her pathetic ass. She’s
    gonna cry in the car.

  17. Am I the only one who does not have a bunch of questions?

    Are these things filled with air or helium? If they are filled with air,
    how can they float? And if they are filled with helium, why can they not
    use air? If this is floating due to hot air, where is the heat coming
    from? Are the kids adding so much heat from bouncing to the air that it
    can float? Wind tends to move parrallel to the ground, where did a upward
    draft this strong come from?

    Everything I know about buoyancy this side of a cartoons tells me that it
    should just bounce and roll along the ground, not shoot a few hundred feet
    in the air. 

  18. Really random but Cenk’s reaction “OMG, my kids, OMG.” reminds me of the
    Family Guy episode when Bryan found out he had a son and the group said how
    they hate how he’s become that annoying parent that says you don’t
    understand what it’s like to have kids… Like I said, really random