4th of July Baseball Style (WK 183.2) | Bratayley

We spend our Independence Day at a baseball tournament! One of our baseball dad’s brought some small fireworks to help celebrate! Happy 4th of July everyone! Preorder your official Bratayley…

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25 thoughts on “4th of July Baseball Style (WK 183.2) | Bratayley

  1. A pool because i can only be in a hot tub for fifteen minutes before i get
    a stomache ache and feel dizzy, also cute swimsuit annie!

  2. Fruitshoot is from the uk it is a diluted drink its verypopular in the uk
    im 14 and have it everyday :)

  3. What somg was on when they where in the car listening to the radio ?

  4. I prefer a pool but in Australia ( I’m Australian ) its winter soooooo it
    is extremely cold so a hot tub

  5. I was thinking about getting these kids gifts and i was wondering when
    their birthdays are and what to get them i already know that i am getting
    caleb a walet that i am making out of rainbow loom but i don’t know what to
    get annie or hayley

  6. OMG i been to that hotel like I been there since 3 years it’s in
    Pennsylvania I went to HERSHAY park yesterday so it near there

  7. This video is only delayed by one day. They must not have done anything on
    Thursday to post. BTW, I recorded fireworks in Wesr Virginia an posted the
    video on my channel here.

  8. Pool pool poollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmpollllllllll!

  9. 2:28 I think Annie stuck the middle finger up but she was just saying Caleb
    had 1 game today

  10. Sophia Wiesel Annie didn’t put her middle finger up if u look close it was
    her pointer dumb dumb

  11. I wish there were any fireworks on our independence day, but nope. There’s
    never anything cool going on on our independence day, plus it’s on december
    6th so it’s really cold.

  12. Cause I’m a famous rapper and I like y’all intro its like Kate plus 8 and I
    like it so I’ll help 

  13. i went to philidophilia and went to a concert for the 4th of july and a
    person with a firearm and mess up the 4th