Men Explain The Vagina

Spoiler alert: Women don’t pee from the anus. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitt…

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25 thoughts on “Men Explain The Vagina

  1. "Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star on said:

    i learned it the fun way

  2. mmm ◔_◔ that asian, does he has a hat or that just his hair cut. Im more
    interesting on that hair cut than the stupid explanation of vagina, maybe
    thats a wig, it feels like its really heavy, or maybe hes really short so
    that haircut makes him look tall, what happen when he jump or run… 

  3. I’m waiting for the “Women explain the penis” video. All the women that
    were laughing at these men probably won’t be laughing anymore. :D

  4. Woman have three holes, first is the pee one, then vagina, then asshole lol

  5. A gay guy and an asian elvis describe a vagina.. Why not?

  6. These Men know so much about women more than I do. Right from knowing what
    their response would be, to knowing make up, to knowing the female
    anatomy… And I’m sitting here like “Gimme another subway cookie!”

  7. This just shows who actually paid any kind of attention in health class.
    The answer is *none*.

  8. I think it’s humorous that most men think pee comes out of the vagina

  9. Obviously, menstraution can’t be very painful, i’m out of my house everyday
    of my life, see tons of women. They all walk fine, no bending over, or even
    distressed looks on their faces.

  10. These “making guys look dumb” videos are getting annoying… can we ask
    some women to buy power tools for their boyfriends in the next video… or
    ask them to explain the 3-4 defense or something plz… just saying :P

  11. Really? Has any of these guys ever seen the anatomy of a woman?

    The pee comes out of the pee hole under the funny thing on top….

    The egg are released monthly from the egg balls until they are all used up.
    They are then caught by the large jelly fish like hollow tube that caresses
    the egg balls, the ovaries, to release the egg. Then the egg is squeezed
    down the tube and into the inner chamber of her womanhood. Where it either
    take a 9 month nap in the bed, or are thrown out in the next wash down of
    the chamber.

    How do you stimulate a clitoris? Oh, that’s easy. Very carefully. 😉 It’s
    the most sensitive body part, so better be nice to the funny thing on top.

    The cervix? That’s the passage between the inner chamber and the corridor
    to the outside world.

    Menstruation is the process of cleaning the inner chamber. It’s a serious
    wash down, where everything that’s not nailed to the walls, the floor and
    the ceiling is thrown out the corridor and into whatever is beyond the

  12. I explain the vagina. The vagina is the anti-christ and is the sole reason
    why this world is horse shit. Men fight over women to spread their seed. If
    there were no women in the picture this human race would die off years ago
    before Christ. With no Christ, there will be No Devil. And no problems. A
    perfect non-world. Also you don’t gotta worry about a woman who steals all
    your assets during the divorce or aborted adopted babies. Love the New Age
    Asian Jesus.

  13. I am a 17 year old male and can explain every single one of these things
    mentioned. Wait.. Does that make me a pervert or just well educated?