Change The Way You See Colors

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25 thoughts on “Change The Way You See Colors

  1. The 3rd orange “fact” is bullshit. Unless the orange is paint, how can a
    colour affect the taste?

  2. Does anyone watch Buzzfeed, than goto AllTime10’s or the other way around,
    cause I am positive it’s not just me lol

  3. If you dye your face with pink ink (or any colour) you face will be dyed
    that colour.. Obviously..

  4. If you have a sports team, try and pick the color red. It intimidates the
    other team and makes them play slightly worse. they proved it with some

  5. Color does not exist at all. It is something created by our brains as a
    side-effect, when it desperately tries to make sense of the overwhelming
    amount of information it receives from the outer world.

  6. Why everybody says: “green is not a creative colour”?. What do you mean
    with “not creative”? That it does not inspire art or something? 

  7. what how do men see red
    This is going to bother me so much, you don’t understand.

  8. Red increases your appetite- hence the use of so much red in fast food and
    restaurants with a volume emphasis. Also increases levels of testosterone.
    Light coloured walls make a room appear larger versus dark ones.
    Blue lettering is hardest to focus on and read.
    Purple and green have a calming effect.
    Black and white are not real colours.