Monkeys and Morality: Crash Course Psychology #19

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25 thoughts on “Monkeys and Morality: Crash Course Psychology #19

  1. Speaking of isolation.
    In humans, if you isolate a human from any human contact, they will have
    the knowledge of a child.
    We have pets like dogs. They rarely meet other dogs, so how do they
    communicate (Other than sniffing each other bottoms) when they do? Or do
    they communicate at all?

  2. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought identically to moral
    dilemmas. In fact, I remember a teacher posing the Heinz dilemma to us in
    6th Grade. My answer and reasoning are still the same: of course Heinz was
    right, because his wife will be dead without that medicine, and if stealing
    is the only way to save her life, so be it.

  3. I wish there were some more to this than what’s taught in any high school
    psychology class.

  4. Are you ever going to talk about the four personality types (red, blue,
    white, yellow)? That was the first thing we talked about when I took a
    psychology class in high school.

  5. I thought the morality behind the Heinz Dilemma was split into 5 phases. I
    remember it starting with 0-6 yrs old: Heinz was wrong to steal the drug
    because stealing is wrong. If anyone could explain this in more detail, I’d
    appreciate it.

  6. How animals like monkeys wanted love and care but taking away their love
    and care from humans who have no strong compassion with life, cause the
    animals to live miserably, die from abuse and acting all mentally
    unbalanced since it wasn’t their fault who caused the problems but human
    beings as we are considered the most dangerous species on the planet,
    creating violence, inequality and poverty, originating from the American
    Empire the source of political, economic and social problems, mostly social
    since divorce rates had gone up, marriage is declining and feminism made
    society suck worst than the generation born in the Cold War, the era my
    parents were born but after marriage, they were separated when I turn 16
    and after 18, I experienced suicide, depression and anxiety until I turn
    later than 20, realizing I must awaken myself who I am to become to
    realize, I must become the man of virtue I must become but the problem is,
    due to feminism, capitalism and terrorism, life isn’t easy in the American
    Empire and for other nations learning from the American Empire, they’re
    gonna have a hard time dealing with issues from companies, government and
    communities who either help or don’t help, meaning we must decide wisely,
    are they doing for the heart or for disaster? We are different than animals
    we have control, for we have a decision what is best for ourselves but
    unfortunately, living with American imperialism and capitalism, life will
    be difficult and the world will never experience peace and happiness but
    the opposite, the true sign of the dream which is fake but reality we are
    to live truly, “The American Nightmare”

  7. Challenge: Try to stop any hank made videos between two words. 😀

  8. Flawed experiment. Holding on to chicken wire cant feel very nice against
    the skin.

    Theres your variable right there.

  9. And what moral standard do we hold the pharmacist to? Yes, he owns the
    drug, but is it greed to expect so much for it, that one would die because
    they are unable to afford it? Is anyone else considering that moral

  10. I don’t understand how doing experiments on animals wouldn’t get past the
    ethical screening that scientists do but testing products on animals is
    legal in most countries? 

  11. I’m 15 and I couldn’t give a crap what people will think of me 😛 I’m

  12. I read about the monkey experiment in the 70s and they acted like it was
    totaly okay with no mention of the crazy adult monkeys

  13. You forgot to mention that one toddler who offered the stranger money to
    kill his mom.

  14. Wow. There is a goldmine of knowledge to employ into character development
    here. You guys have just helped me with a few story ideas! Thanks.

  15. Disappointed in you for not mentioning Kohlberg’s androcentricity. He
    didn’t ask PEOPLE, he asked MALES, then extrapolated the results as if
    women reacted the same way. It turns out they don’t, but it took Carol
    Gilligan to find that out in a further study. Seriously, Hank? I expected
    better of you.

  16. Really good. Nice job putting the science into a contextual understanding.
    Parents are thick headed oxytocin addicts and probably will go into a
    defense posture, but the rest of us Appreciate it.