Jimmy Gets Parenting Advice From Kids

Jimmy’s wife is having a baby soon. He has two older kids so it’s been a long time since he took care of a baby. To brush up and get some advice on how to raise a child, he went right to the…

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25 thoughts on “Jimmy Gets Parenting Advice From Kids

  1. she’s adorable , and very well spoken for her age

    she must have siblings she changes their diapers helping mom and dad

  2. OMG I can’t believe my eyes, some people are actually sexualizing a fuckin
    6 year old??????? OHHH LORD, what has this world come to??? Yall are
    fuckin’ sick its disgusting and yes I’m kink shaming because what you’re
    doing is called pedophilia!!!!
    And for god sake please stop talking about her skirt she is fuckin 6!!!!!!!

  3. Ok, she is definitely not 6, she is like 7 or 8, ffs she even said “Dad”,
    what 6 year old doesn’t say Daddy???? Whats wrong with ‘kids’ these

  4. Who better to give Jimmy baby advice than someone who recently was one?

  5. I can’t believe Jimmy Kimmel and Anderson Cooper are the same age.

  6. Haha that girls a total sweetheart, I hope I have a daughter that smart and
    well-spoken one day. xD I mean she can even change a diaper at 6 years old

  7. She’s only 6, how is she well-versed on how to change a diaper? When I was
    6, I was still trying to figure out how credit cards made everything free.

  8. getting pooped on is nothing compared to getting peed on..
    poop comes off, pee goes everywhere..
    <<<<<<father of 3 kids in diapers at the same time..!!!

  9. what an adorable girl! and she sure knows a lot more about taking care of
    babies than most those 16 and pregnant girls!