BatDad Vine Compilation 8

To see BatDad Father’s Day BONUS compilation, click here: Part 8 of my BatDad Vines is here! Happy Father’s Day! For licensing/…

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25 thoughts on “BatDad Vine Compilation 8

  1. Enjoy my new compilation! Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply!

  2. Does life got you down? Bat Dad to the rescue! Never fails Bat Dad. You
    bring the smiles and giggles. Another great video! My kids and I love when
    we see another compilation posted. A big thanks from our family. 

  3. Your wife is looking more and more annoyed with each video you make…keep
    it up batdad! Why does he sound so grumpy? Lol

  4. Love how the “Friends” thing is still popular…50 Internet points to who
    ever knows what i’m talking about…

  5. awesome! this wuz “pee ur pants” funny!! I luv the new mask…I SWEAR!
    also, don’t be seen without the mask–you must conceal ur identity not only
    to protect yourself but also the people that you care about…

  6. JEN JEN! JEN. JEN. JEN *bops to thriller* That was THEE BEST! XD

    Also, I totally have the same shades as your youngest daughter. I love your
    precious kids and videos!

  7. You seem to be a great dad from these glimpses we get. You gotta be hecka
    rad though in general cause your name is Blake and us Blakes are awesome.