Wow, weekends sure aren’t what they used to be, eh? Watch this meltdown, power down, breast pumping, hair-bow filled kinda (still) awesome day. Subscribe for…

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25 thoughts on “ELLE | DAY IN LIFE 2 : SATURDAY!

  1. I love these kind of videos it reassures me that I’m not alone in the
    chaotic mommy world haha. Also a slow cooker is my best friend, I prep our
    meals during nap time and then a couple hours later dinner is done. 

  2. Aww, I love your videos! Even though I don’t have any kids, and won’t have
    ’em … Well maybe up until my late Twenties or early thirties, but these
    videos always cheer me up. You’re so positive, you make fun I yourself and
    you just keep going. It’s really inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing ❤️

  3. Working Julia on sleep training… it’s a battle. OHH MY GOSHHH FORD IS TOO
    CUTE FOR WORDS. Ahhh can’t believe he’s crawling already!!! We need to
    catch up soon love! xo

  4. Aww loved it! If you ever need a babysitter I’m here for you waiting across
    the other side of the world,haha

  5. Oh my gosh! Huge day! The spaghetti all over the floor! Exhausted just
    watching this! 

  6. I’m really enjoying these Day in the Life videos! Presley is so good with
    Ford, they’ll get on so well when they’re a bit older!

  7. Watching Presley is like watching my nephew! Exhausted me just watching
    the video lol

  8. D’OH! when I saw it I thought of Homer simpson lol. Take care elle <3

  9. Omg, to all the moms to be or newbie moms, or just moms…start sleep
    training sooner than later! Kids actually take to it better than adults.
    I mean i was more worried about transitioning my baby to a crib than she
    was. Sure she cried hysterically the first night, but we made sure to
    comfort her, night 2 was better and by night 4 it was a done deal! Booya!
    Mama and daddy have bed back :))))))

  10. I can’t believe you survive being a mom and staying up so late!!!! How do
    you do it!? 😉 

  11. Elle I have absolutely no idea how u film while dealing with kids. Ur
    multitasking is legendary!