Things You Go Through After Being Dumped

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25 thoughts on “Things You Go Through After Being Dumped

  1. I got dumped for the first time two years ago and my housemate who was my
    friend was a real d1ck. He was annoyed that I was depressed in my own room
    as if he expected me to be completely all right. He attacked me about being
    sad and yeah, I was really disappionted by the guy. What a horrible weirdo.

  2. I just got dumped 20 minutes ago. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING COINCIDENTAL? ;_;

  3. My long distanced ex-girlfriend dumped me, and I went through most of the
    stages mentioned in the video. What? How? I didn’t even get to meet her,
    nor make any real memories with her, and yet, when she texted me about how
    she had no feelings for me anymore, I cried like a little bitch! I couldn’t
    even bother calling her, since I first got too angry and ended up throwing
    my phone to a wall, and it broke. Oh well. I guess that’s life. Too bad I
    wasted 1 year in that relationship, all for it to turning out to be a
    person who would lose feelings towards me, as always. Well, once again,
    that’s life! Not end of the world. After all, there’s 95% of the “ocean”
    undiscovered! So there’s lots of fishes out there.

  4. *How to avoid break ups in 1 easy step!!!*

    Don’t date ;)

  5. we get that gay couples exist but i feel that it is being pressured on to
    everybody all of a sudden… 1 in 100 couples is a gay couple, not 1 in 2

  6. they should end up together. ps: this video has amazing quality, it could
    be a movie. I’d watch it for sure

  7. LMAO!! “Burst of motivation”
    I been runnin on that “burst” for almost 3 years now and it’s made me
    achieve a lot of impossible.

  8. Oh my god… All these idiotic comments, “WHY IS THER A GAY IN DIS VIDO.”
    It’s 2014, fucking get over it. Gays exist, they’re not going to crawl into
    a dark cave because *you* don’t like it… 

  9. Guys, when the girl said she had a girlfriend, can’t you think of BFF?
    Jeez, it’s like you don’t hear that word used by girls in life <_<…

  10. The most dignified way to dump someone is to wake them up with your junk in
    their face. Tell them to enjoy this moment because it is the last time
    they get to see it. You then pull up your pants and tell them that you are
    leaving them. 

  11. What did he say before the blackout ? he spoke fast i couldn’t recognize
    what he said!

  12. Future episodes of BuzzFeed will include: incest, beastiality, necrophilia,
    polygamy, and pedophilia. With these videos there we’ll have an
    overly-defensive and butthurt crowd trying to support those things and
    saying anyone who thinks otherwise is nothing but a hateful person.

  13. Thanks for making the girl a lesbian. Because I didn’t come here to watch
    that romcom.

  14. both were in relationships with women. so women truly are scum. and who
    calls it the “electricity bill” and not “electric bill”

  15. I’m vaguely attracted to the girl. She’s super cute, just on the verge on
    being hot 

  16. If an alien only had access to buzzfeed videos, they would think 45% of
    people are LGBT…

  17. I love that there was a gay couple in this video. Things like Buzzfeed are
    starting to make them feel normal instead of something new and interesting.