Adults Taste Baby Food

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25 thoughts on “Adults Taste Baby Food

  1. I feel bad for babies because they have to eat all this disgusting food. 

  2. The lonely blomde….LOL! And hey, I love Kimchi and milk together!

  3. They should’ve had lasagna for babies on this it has no salt and the only
    thing you can taste is the thing that is killing your tastebuds

  4. ok so wheres all the babies saying there offended that these people are
    just talking shit about there food???

  5. make your own baby food! 😀

    oh right new parents cant afford it so were stuck with this crap because OH
    LOOK 21st CENTURY! 

  6. Do people really feed this to their babies? No one I know has ever used
    this. But then again I don’t live in US. People here only use the fruit
    ones which are really yummy, the rest is home made.

  7. I remember eating baby food as a kid.
    But I always ate like the fruity kind like apple sauce or something else
    and honestly it tasted awesome

  8. Ha, this reminds me of a time when I was buying babyfood at a store to eat,
    and the cashier said without me saying anything, that he liked to eat some
    babyfood, but that others were nasty. I couldn’t of agreed more. But ya,
    that was pretty cool.

  9. I love that blonde girl. She’s like the only person I like from BuzzFeed.
    And that asian guy.

  10. Baby food tastes like child abuse. It doesn’t seem hard to make baby food,
    just steam the veggies until very soft (don’t salt it), then scrape it,
    making a puree right in the spoon. Yes? I know you can do that with
    bananas, I’ve done it. As for protein, milk and/or mashed beans seem
    healthier than what looks and smells like potted meat. However, Mommy Milk
    trumps all, dontcha think?

  11. Seriously if I was fed this as a baby and I was fully conscious of the
    world I would call Child Services on my parents.

  12. Baby food is processed trash. It has no nutritional value because it is
    heated to such a high degree, that all of the nutrients and vitamins are
    destroyed. Try buying fresh fruit, mashing it up yourself. You baby will be
    healthier, happier and smarter as it grows!

  13. What is wrong with the blonde lady, She seems to be loving the stuff. Maybe
    shes on the baby food diet :D

  14. If I were actually going to have a baby I would feed it real food. Jesus