How Frozen Should Have Ended – Reissued

Anna and Elsa’s parents just don’t get it. Please enjoy our parody alternate ending to the hit movie “Frozen”. Now with a different song at the end! This video is a re-upload. Because of…

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25 thoughts on “How Frozen Should Have Ended – Reissued

  1. If Frozen would be realistic in the end the sword would have shattered Anna
    to pieces. But hey, bad endings are bad for Disney…

  2. well this sucked, i remember really liking the original and now this
    abomination comes to replace it. Still love the trolls arguing.

  3. Funny part is… never watched Frozen, this video gave me a general idea
    and actually made me interested on the movie… and now Disney crushes my
    dreams once again. Well, guess I’ll not be watching Frozen anytime soon.

  4. This is just like the first Frozen hishe they issued except the song at the
    end is different.

  5. This song brought to you by the censorship-enforcing assholes at the
    Youtube headquarters.

  6. Ok let’s all hate on Disney but you all know you’re going to keep watching
    their movies, buying their products, visiting their theme parks, and
    literally acting like total Disney fanboys and girls. 

  7. Have a great excuse to reissue, and you don’t add anything else to the
    skit? Seems like a missed opportunity. 

  8. God damn it Disney. Why do you have to ruin videos on the internet for
    God’s sake?

  9. I went to see Frozen in theaters. I wasn’t originally planning to, but do
    you know what convinced me? The “Let It Go” segment. I liked it; it
    motivated me to go see the rest of the movie. Where did I see the “Let It
    Go” segment? A Youtube video.

    My point is that this sort of thing is FREE ADVERTISING. By uploading the
    “Let It Go” number on Youtube for free viewing, somebody somewhere
    convinced me to pay Disney money for their movie. I’m sure I am not the
    only one who can make claims like this. By targeting these videos, Disney
    is killing an important marketing avenue.

    But by all means, Disney, keep it up. This song is your property, so who am
    I, a lowly Youtuber, to complain? Rip them all down; it’s your right.

    But when your pockets start feeling lighter, I’d better not hear about it.

  10. Please re-upload the other version, do not let Disney control YouTube

  11. …was changing the lyrics at the end really necessary for a reissue?

  12. why’d they remove “let it go” from the end? copy right issues or something?

  13. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

    Dumb copyright
    Hate description
    Youtube sucks.

  14. What the… you can no longer sing copyrighted songs on YouTube? Half the
    channels are going to disappear… Disney please talk some sense into
    Google. Sheesh.

  15. You know, you could just make a version of the original played at half
    speed, then when you upload it, we can speed it up on the YouTube player
    when we watch it. They might not be able to detect it that way. Just
    saying, it’s worth a try.

  16. WTF!? the original “let it go” ending “performance” was better. not like
    Disney hasn’t already cashed in enough money from that fucking song anyway.
    just let it go & let HISHE have their parody, you copyright dick bags

  17. so, they made you take down the original video because of the song? man
    disney sucks.