Doctors Prescribing Adderall And Ritalin To TODDLERS!

“Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common behavioral disorder of childhood, yet experts are worried by statistics that show very yo…

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25 thoughts on “Doctors Prescribing Adderall And Ritalin To TODDLERS!

  1. i don’t get ADHD, its kids being hyper, so its kids being kids. never
    understood it, can anyone elaborate for me?

  2. One of the MAJOR points that is not even mentioned by TYT (surprise!) is
    that boys are being prescribed this poison 2-3 more times than girls and
    that in effect this is really about women trying to control boys behavior
    because they find it unacceptable.

    Considering that the rise in prescriptions are lock in step with the
    increasing rate of single motherhood in the US it comes as no surprise what
    is really going on here.

    Women alone cannot properly parent a child and so drugs are their solution!

    We have also seen an outright demonization of male typical behavior in the
    education system and now it is even reaching into the toddler age groups.

    Maybe if these women didn’t drink the, “You can have it all!!!” Feminist
    Kool Aide we could have avoided this; of course it doesn’t help when the
    Pharmaceutical companies own our politicians as well as our doctors…

  3. My Dad knew the cure for a rambunctious kid. I think he called the
    procedure a “swift kick in the ass”.

  4. The same thing is happening with anti-anxiety medications. There is no
    objective way to measure serotonin levels in the brain, there is no blood
    test or brain scan. So this idea that depression is caused by chemical
    imbalances in the brain is not a valid scientific theory, you couldn’t
    possibly have collected any evidence in favor of it. But the drug companies
    make billions of dollars selling you people this medication

  5. hyperactive… when you give your kids sugar? just fix the diet and you
    will see a change in behavior 

  6. I was on Ritalin growing up though we switched off of it to Concerta and
    Adderall wasn’t around yet. I quit taking it in high school and noticed no
    change whatsoever. I do actually have ADD in case you’re wondering, my
    brain does in fact lack a chemical.

  7. As a psychology student, I don’t think ADHD should even be a valid
    diagnosis until the age of 18 at least. Any doctor who is willing to
    prescribe medical speed to a toddler should not only lose his license, but
    serve jail time.

  8. It’s also prescribed a lot more to boys, I know some people are going to be
    angry for me saying this but… I think it has to do with feminism and boys
    being seen as inherently broken, behavior that is very typical for a boy,
    is now seen as bad and that something is wrong with them. I could go on and
    say a lot more on why I think this but I’m about to go to bed so I’m going
    to leave it at that.

  9. over diagnosed LOL. i WISH TYT did some research on children and see just
    how much kids are drug addled ritalin kids. especially with boys in this
    case. because we apparently can’t handle kids being hyper and it’s just
    easier to drug them up to pacify them. 

  10. Nobody had processed fatty foods, vaccines or flu shots in the bible days
    AND kids were still brats. The “rod of discipline” was God’s answer. Kids
    are now too “busy” playing computer games to get outside to burn off excess
    energy, and parents are too “busy” Facebooking to give them attention.
    Doctors are even calling grief a DISEASE so they can give you a pill. Then
    they get bonus “conference trips” for every quota they fill. Drug society
    while young and they won’t bite the powerful hand that feeds/controls them.

  11. Get them hooked early and later you can prescribe them medication for the
    health defects they’ll get when they’re older. And for the ones who go
    mental as a result? Use their crimes to drive up gun sales while putting
    the criminals in the prisons for profits. It’s a win-win for the corporate
    elites and a lose-lose for the rest of us.

  12. I, personally, am against prescription drugs in probably 95% of the cases
    in which they are used. Us Americans are obviously addicted to them and
    their promises of basically fixing everything. The thing is, most people
    don’t actually need these drugs. They are just taking them because their
    doctors (who have incentive to do so) prescribe them.

    Think of how many people you know that take anti-anxiety medication. Do you
    REALLY think they need that? 

  13. ADHD was “discovered” by Leon Eisenberg; Who a few weeks before passing
    away, told friends/family/media, that he had simply “made up” the condition.

    There is no such thing as ADHD.
    The correct diagnosis, is “Too much sugar, not enough exercise”

    We can stop prescribing kids depressants to “relax them”; The guy who said
    it was a legit condition, admitted to lying to us about it.

  14. I still say ADHD is a fake disease, some doctor somewhere just went “Hey,
    instead of telling this woman her child is a brat, I could just say, oh he
    needs medicine, yeah yeah he has a mental disorder, yeaaaah… $120 /
    month on pills please”

  15. Other real alternative news sites have been talking about this for years,
    tyt nice of you to catch up.

  16. 1:42 Really, Meth?
    …again Ana showcases her complete ignorance on the topic she’s covering.

  17. These are desperate measures taken by parents who shouldnt have kids! Two
    and three year olds are naturally hyper! They NATURALLY have a 5 second
    attention span! This is just sick! 

  18. 2 year olds are taking legal meth and yet it’s illegal for me to smoke a
    joint for my chronic pain. What the hell is wrong with this world?

  19. Adderall has gotten a lot of bad rap because college students are using it
    to pass classes. In reality, many people who are prescribed Adderall
    benefit greatly from it.

    Not all drugs are bad, and the term *drug-abuse* is often misapplied. There
    is a social stigma against drugs, even among the drum-circles, about being
    a “cure-all” solution to any problem. Well I say, if it helps you, take it.
    Just be responsible about it. No drug should be illegal; they should be
    selling Adderall in Wal-Mart. I can get Adderall off the street anyway,
    what’s the point in attaching a stupid regulation to them?

  20. There is also a correlation between school shootings & psychiatric drug
    use. Almost every case, going right back to columbine, the shooters were on
    psychiatric drugs. A rise in child drugging has given rise to school
    violence & we all wonder why?

  21. In what world is it considered normality to drug your kids? I feel safe
    generlizing, these moms are shit.

  22. Its scary being a parent in this day and age. Forget kidnappers and pedo’s.
    The world wants to get their hands on our kids. Drug companies, the
    government, the broken school system, strangers who love to post anything
    online of our kids or our parenting methods. The media. Its fucking scary.