Parent vs Child – Feeding Your Child

BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Credits: Dad – Bart Kwan Mom – Geovanna Antoinette Isaac – Isaac Del Real JK MERCH: http://justkiddingfi…

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25 thoughts on “Parent vs Child – Feeding Your Child

  1. That’s the first time I see an asian parent letting his son not clean his
    plate with his toungue.

  2. WHAAAAAAT?! Thats an awesome breakfast!!! If i was Kid I would eat that

  3. Here’s a winning strategy that got me, “Eat this now or eat vegetables!”

  4. What happened?
    I dont know.
    Hes annoying similar to my baby brother

  5. True Asian parents would be like: “Be grateful you have food to eat! Eat it
    now or else I don’t feed you anymore!”

  6. hellllll the fuck no. if i have a kid he is eating alll that food. dont
    give me this i want chips BS. If i make fucking spinach for breakfast your
    eating fucking spinach for breakfast.

  7. My parents force me to eat my food even thought i don’t like it.

  8. “Parent vs Child – Feeding Your Child” Behind The Scenes

  9. I don’t believe in “picky eaters”. I call it being a lil bitch….I ate
    everything I was given until full and if I didn’t I’d be eating a fistful
    of knuckles 

  10. I never had pancakes for breakfast before…. I hope I’m not the only one. 

  11. That breakfast he cooked is not too healthy either… My mom would never
    let me eat that when I was little

  12. that kid is a great actor, he makes me believe that kids are actually

  13. The best way to get a kid to eat what’s prepared is to make sure they don’t
    have access to junk food.

  14. my mom smacked the shit out of me if i didn’t eat…..especially if it was
    brussel sprouts 

  15. lol, Americans… so much food there, some actually force ppl to eat 😀
    normal parents just feed their kids when they want to eat… when i was
    growing up, my mom always said : “if you want to choose what to eat then
    you apparently you are not hungry enough” :)