Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Talk Kids

They have a new movie together, and a few new children as well! The actors gave Ellen the update on their families.

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25 thoughts on “Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Talk Kids

  1. I love how Drew just takes over and talks for Adam. So cute haha :D

  2. No lie… I thought they were married to each other. I guess that’s a
    testament to their acting ability.

  3. That’s funny I know somebody with two daughters named sunny and Sadie, but
    they’re in high school

  4. Drew is so funny haha! They make really cute goofy friends I have to say

  5. Question there just friends and had a kid together? Isn’t Adam married ?

  6. Adam Sandler seems like the coolest celebrity..
    NO ONE ever says anything bad about him.

  7. They just seem like movie soul mates. They have such an amazing connection
    and you can see it on the screen too when they make movies together.

  8. 4:13 for a moment i thought she’s gonna say “we had sex” , haha she spelled
    it weirdly , that would’ve been a bomb 

  9. Drew another child star who I think never had any problems I love her for
    that, she was soo cute in E.T :)

  10. Joey said: “if there’s chemistry between actors, they haven’t had sex” so
    no, don’t make them unfaithful. 

  11. These two wouldve made a beautiful couple in real life, but even without
    that, they are both awesome!

  12. have you ever thought about how cool Adam could be as a dad? like
    omg he seems like the coolest dad ever

  13. Is it me, or do they do a new movie together every 5 or 6 months xD 

  14. Smashley Simpson had a baby… haha oh god. Just kidding, love Barrymore!