Child Psychology…FUNNY Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan…

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25 thoughts on “Child Psychology…FUNNY Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan…

  1. hey. on facebook. there are a lot of young muslims groups. can you specify
    on which one is yours. thanks.

  2. @samiadinos Assalamu alaikum You can find my FB page link on my channel’s
    info section…inshaALLAH or search on FB for “Smile__itz Sunnah Official

  3. @ydowefight4islam no that ustadh is from the urdu word ustaad..its not
    arabic where a dh would mean the alphabet zaal

  4. @ydowefight4islam I am sorry i just checked to make sure..and ustaadh and
    ustaadha mean a learned person ..this is a persian word..and the urdu word
    which i mentioned earlier has been picked from the persian language ..and
    means the same..but basically this word ustaadh is used in many languages
    .it has a persian root

  5. this is EXACLY how convos with my mom goes. now she just assumes that im
    engaged in EVERY SINGLE bad thing out there. having her around me is a
    pain. i use homework as an excuse to get away from her.

  6. you speak such important stuffs with such simplicity and clarity its
    amazing to listen to you:)

  7. Ameen. Further elaboration on the subject below insha’allah. Parent, Child
    Relationship – Mufti Ismail Menk

  8. I told my dad about this and he said that the most important thing for a
    father is to put a roof over their head and feed them.

  9. I am 13 and when I stumbled upon this video and watched it, I almost cried
    at how true this is. See, when I was a kid, I always wanted to get my
    parents or two of my eldest sisters’ attention. They always ignore me and
    my sisters just brush me off my calling me annoying and other names.
    Whenever I have no one to talk to, I go to my mom but even she brushes me
    off….. Now, they want my attention and my mom wants me to talk to her but
    of course after all these years, I still feel hurt.

  10. So I thought about my actions of ignoring them and try to rekindle my
    relationship with my parents and sisters. UNFORTUNATELY whenever I try to
    invite myself in a conversation, I’m ALWAYS cut off and my dad sometimes
    harshly ridicule me. I go to my room;crying while I try to cheer myself up
    by being on my laptop or phone. I’m just hurt and angry but I can’t even
    try to talk to them about this problem without bursting into tears so I
    just stop the conversation.

  11. I’m sorry for spamming but this is one of my ways of letting out all my
    feelings and I can just live in peace; without feeling hurt all the

  12. love these lectures alhamdulillah ill show all these to my mum and dad if