Dad’s Life Ruined For Something All Parents Do, But Probably Won’t Anymore

“The football coach fired from Minnesota State, Mankato announced Tuesday that he will return to the job after an arbitrator ruled he was wrongfully terminat…

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25 thoughts on “Dad’s Life Ruined For Something All Parents Do, But Probably Won’t Anymore

  1. I will always be that guy… I am proud of being that guy.. when shit goes
    down and everyone runs or pulls out their fucking phones.. I am running in
    to help. If I see someone in need.. I help, If I see people in a fight.. I
    try to stop it, If I see a cop not following the law… I do everything I
    can to make sure he knows it… If someone is acting like a jackass and no
    one dares say anything to them…I will always be that guy.. The one who
    acts.. the one who stands for those in need and those who cant defend
    themselves.. meanwhile all you fucking Self indulgent cowards stand around
    and do nothing.. like little bitches.

  2. Lots of ignorance of the case on here. These were not bath tub pictures, it
    was videos of his 9, 8, and 5 year old kids dancing naked. Research the
    case before making ignorant comments. It’s easy to see the other side as to
    why Minnesota State and the authorities acted like they did. Remember this
    originally occurred just two months after Jerry Sandusky was convicted and
    one month after the NCAA hit Penn State with the sanctions. The case went
    through the proper channels and the coach was cleared. The coach deserved
    part of the blame for recording those videos in the first place.

  3. This is what happens when you have these left wing over
    sensitive-victimizing people running out playing white knight for moral
    justice. What a joke these people are.

  4. I remember this story. It was ridiculous. Some douche that printed his
    pictures reported him. Everyone i know has bath time pix of their little
    toddlers. Some numb nuts reported him because he didn’t bother using common
    sense. The cops were brain dead and the judge was more concerned about
    public opinion at the time. People are so annoying. You never know what
    random stranger is lurking around the corner ready to ruin your life
    without any thought given. Protect your families! 

  5. Shit, so the picture I have on my fridge of my niece on her 1st birthday in
    her high chair in just a diaper covered in her birthday cake going get me
    jailed? Whelp, there goes that family memory.

  6. So on t_v when some guy brings some girl home to his mom and she shows him
    pictures of when he was a baby, ” oh, look at that cute tushy.” I guess
    they were just advertising child porn?

  7. I kinda hope they do stop. 21sts will start getting less embarrassing
    within 21 years. lol

  8. Why would you have pictures of your kids in your bathtub on your phone?

    Why wouldn’t you just have a family photo?

  9. I’m not surprised. Considering all the stories of teens and pre-teens
    getting arrested for distributing child pornography with each other of
    *themselves*, I would be stupid to be surprised by a story like this one.

  10. By this logic all parents are kiddie fiddlers just for bathing their

  11. If i sext another teenagers while i’m a teenagers its considered child
    porn? i think it is over sensitive issue. We are all people with the same
    parts gender wise if you don’t want someone to see you naked DONT SEND

  12. honestly I wouldn’t have accepted the position back if I were that guy. You
    fucking arrest me for something as braindead as that, fuck you I’ll go work
    somewhere else its not like football coach positions are hard to come by in
    this country.

  13. This stuff does not seem to happen in Europe as mutch as it does in

  14. I have a strange feeling there’s not millions of people with naked pictures
    (no matter the circumstance) of even their kids on their phone. Just the
    same, something like this is extremely minor compared to the threat, and
    should be taken lightly. He SHOULD have faced detention and things should
    have been cleared up. Just showing you some kids you took a picture of and
    saying, “yeah they’re mine” isn’t enough in reality, because it could
    always be much more severe than than you make it out to be.
    Obviously conduct the investigation BEFORE publicizing the situation,
    unless something happens to where people need to know about this guy, but
    don’t just jump to the minimal, like you’re suggesting here.
    Search his computer and other places like that. He could be proven innocent
    from that alone, or this story could be ten times more fucked up.
    Sense he says they’re his kids, you get identification proving their
    You figure out what the kids have to say, what the mother of the kids has
    to say, and, once everything is figured out, you release the info.
    You don’t ruin his life of course, but the alternative that YOU GUYS gave
    is horrible.

  15. Sadly many people equate nudity with sex. Trust me the two are not
    synonymous. There’s such a thing as clothed porn and nude art (you can find
    plenty of the latter in Paris). There’s also such a thing as recording
    one’s kid’s bath time, though I don’t quite understand it myself.

    This is a cultural problem that needs to be resolved. Everyone needs to
    know that nude =/= sex.

  16. I’m impressed by the Bowers vs Hardwick mention. That was back in the 80s
    in Georgia, wasn’t it? It wasn’t until 10 years ago that sodomy laws were
    declared unconstitutional. But in the last 10 years, things have changed
    rapidly for the gay community.
    I wish our institutions would use common sense, but people are cowards and
    will cling to their jobs rather than help another human being.

  17. I hate child porn as much as the next guy but the problem is being
    exaggerated to the point where all men are viewed as potential pedophiles.
    Everyone needs to calm down a little bit.

  18. Law enforcement using human judgement? Fuggetaboutit.

  19. I have never taken any of those types of pictures of my kids for just this
    reason. I take no chances, because even innocent pictures can be
    Besides, my daughter created the perfect embarrassing photo on her own when
    she covered her face, arms, and shirt with cold cream when she was two.

  20. I have a family photo of my mom bathing me when I was 1 years old. Does
    that count as child pornography?

  21. Think of all the people without the money to dispute charges like this guy.
    now labeled sex offenders.