25 thoughts on “Ellen Pompeo on Her Daughter

  1. To tell her mum she’s ruining her life, this kid has problems.

  2. Ellen is amazing, she inspired me 2 start my own Prank channel since she’s
    such a prankster & now it’s growing FAST! Thanks Ellen! Marry me. My wife’s
    cool with it.

  3. I love Ellen Pompeo! Her character on Grey’s Anatomy is one of the reasons
    I’m studying to become a surgeon. :)

  4. Her kid gives me hope for this next generation regarding that same sex
    wedding statement 

  5. So… I looked up Ellen Pompeo on IMDb, because I was suddenly wondering
    how old she was. I’m in shock, now. It’s not possible. Like… some people
    look a little younger than they are, but I thought she was at least 10
    years younger than she is! She looks ridiculously good!!!

  6. If her daughter is so obsessed with weddings, she should make her watch
    game of thrones! Plenty of weddings there ;)

  7. Not to be racist or anything but why is her daughter black? adopted or the
    husband is african american?