Baby Fail

Parents failing everywhere, using their babies as props and practical jokes… oh the humanity 😉 Contact Me YouTube http://youtub…

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25 thoughts on “Baby Fail

  1. Uh oh bro- reminding you of how many times a person can say f**k XD but i
    still like your vids man.

  2. Most of your videos that are in this format..seem repetitive and are boring
    now. I could care less for videos no as much as I use too. You lost me
    because you added singing into your videos. Actually it’s not the singing.
    It’s the edit you use when you sing. I like actual dancing better than the
    Although other people may love the singing.
    I applaud you again for speaking your mind. Not many people do that.
    I WILL say and ADMIT one thing in this video, the song at 3:02 was AMAZING

  3. 2:54 my grandparents often left me unsupervised with their dog. I tell you,
    best babysitter ever

  4. 3:00 Nice backhand swing on that sword, he’s going to be a master of the
    art in no time!

  5. Not all dogs around babies are bad. My sister’s dog is great with my
    nephew. He’s as big as those dogs are, but he would never plow down my
    nephew like that. My nephew lied on the dog’s face one day for a nap and he
    didn’t care.

  6. Not all of these are fails, just your opinion about them. Which most of the
    time your opinion’s eh.

  7. Onision, I hope your reading this sometime…. I think your videos are
    absolutely hilarious no matter what other people say. To those you who just
    suddenly pop up and say “Sell out” or “This guy is gay” well, you just
    don’t get it. Youtube is not meant for rude talking and stuff. The people
    who have channels and make videos have fun doing it and they do it for
    themselves and for some of their fans. You don’t have to like it but you
    don’t have to say anything rude about it either. Be happy and more
    accepting will you? Be mindful of how people would react to what you say
    too. I hope you can see this and have a more amorous respect for others
    okay? Keep living 🙂 

  8. The gif whit the girl in the striped short breakdancing is from a parody
    movie and that’s Juno