How Frozen Should Have Ended

Anna and Elsa’s parents just don’t get it. Please enjoy our alternate ending to Disney’s hit “Frozen”. Thank YOU for watching! Click that ‘Like’ if you enjoyed it. And hit that ‘Subscribe’…

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25 thoughts on “How Frozen Should Have Ended

  1. “hee-zee-s”? I’ve always pronounced it “heesh”.

  2. How Catching Fire should have ended. Seriously, Hunger Games fans have been
    waiting patiently for this.

  3. That is literally how frozen should’ve ended and then she be a super hero
    TeeHee XD

  4. Did anyone see NIGHTCRAWLER’S FACE when Wolverine started singing and
    grabbed Storm?

  5. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen it shouldn’t have ended that way
    because then it wouldn’t even be a movie because she’s supposed to figure
    all of that on her own this is basically sayin ” oh well why didn’t the
    troll just say love will thaw the cold at first I don’t get it ” well u
    people r stupid this is just ya um NO. Ur a retard