13 Things Only Siblings Understand

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25 thoughts on “13 Things Only Siblings Understand

  1. DEAR GOD I have 3 other sisters and my mom CONSTANTLY will call my name,
    change it to my sisters name, THEN to my other sisters name and Im like WHO

  2. Unfortunately, my brother knows nothing. In other words, if I try and pass
    the buck, the buck turns into a fucking boomerang and hits me in the face.

  3. Oh my God, me and my brother have been mistaken for girlfriend and
    boyfriend so many times it’s really annoying.

  4. There aren’t too many I can relate to, but there are some. Maybe it’s
    because I have two younger brothers?

  5. Ever since my other siblings have moved out, my parents always get calling
    my name right. But the VERY second one of them comes over or we go to them,
    the mixing the names up happens again.

  6. i can totally relate to this video, on two different ocassions people have
    thought me and my brother are a married couple. it was really awkward

  7. Remember when you lost that bet and had to get my name tattooed on your

  8. I don’t have a brother, but I have an older sister and people ALWAYS think
    we’re twins or that she’s my mom.