Better half or Bitter half…FUNNY Nouman Ali Khan…

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25 thoughts on “Better half or Bitter half…FUNNY Nouman Ali Khan…

  1. @Waragainstsatan Assalamu alaikum… Brov…with all due respect, i think
    its FUNNY…and if the message behind the humor was not reality i would
    have not uploaded the video… This is not a comedy channel, but my video
    will inshaALLAH be good advice from the duaat wrapped in humor according to
    my opinion I don’t see anything Islamically wrong with
    it…Alhamdulillah… Now if you do not personally like the
    title…re-upload it in you channel with another title Peace

  2. subhanallah i feel like he is talking directly to my family. jzk, i pray my
    family can restore peace and live harmoniously one day, insha’allah.

  3. @zimmerinhere I think he was joking…with all the videos you uploaded (maa
    shaa Allaah very unique and beneficial) Id think you developed an eye for
    humor akhi lol…but yeah, I think he meant it in a humorous
    connotation..Jazaak Allaahu Khair

  4. @The Abdullah, love you too, for the sake of Allah. I wasnt being harsh. I
    was asking why post it like a funny video. it its not comedy its serious.

  5. he’s talking about relationships with family and I think that’s the best
    topic to discuss with our ummah. alhamdulillah for such great brother, may
    Allah SWT bless him and his family in’sha’Allah

  6. NAWW….. alot of my friends that are married have the most wonderful
    husbands on planet and they are blessed by almighty God just to clarify
    what u said LOve is the important relation between a husband and his wife

  7. Mashallah, very insightful… please advise whose voice is it at the end of
    the video reciting subhannallah walhamdulillah..mashallah it is pleasant…

  8. SubhanaAlllah, Brother Nouman am not married but subhanaAllah you almost
    made me cry, i ask Allah to make your wife the coolness of your eyes, and
    your kids as well and i pray to Allah to make you the coolness of their
    eyes include both your parents and the ummah of mohamed and Gods creations
    through your words of haq. may Allah increase you in more noor in every
    aspect of your life, include all the ummah.ameen yarabi ameen. keep me in
    your dua.

  9. Salam Nouman, firstly the sarcasm is only a prevailing feature of British
    up bringing. Pakistani Muslims don’t understand sarcasm. secondly most
    educated muslims do take their wife to shop and at-least i watch YT, TV n
    play xbox with my wife. don’t stereotype please. but that’s not why i’m
    writing the comment. the reason i am writing is ” can you explain why women
    in Islam don’t have equal rights as men ??”

  10. @Shaikh Surmed Shakeel

    Because Muslims worship a false God and follow a man made religion.
    If you want EQUALITY, you should support secularism and reject all kinds
    of faiths,
    This is how educated people live their life and become successful.

    I hope that answered your question.

  11. that was a slap to the men who aren’t following the sunnath at all.. masha