8 Things Every Parent Secretly Does

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25 thoughts on “8 Things Every Parent Secretly Does

  1. Now that I think about it: My dad entirely did this to me when I was a kid.
    Mostly the “Losing Toy,” part.

  2. That kid. is by far the cutest thing I have ever stumbled upon in my whole
    entire life.

  3. Oh my god my mum used to tell me that the song meant the ice cream guy was
    going home..

  4. “Tommy’s mom is a criminal.” Like, what could possibly wrong with that
    excuse :D

  5. They could have added: Steals from your Halloween/Easter Candy. They say
    they are putting it away so you won’t eat too much. What they really mean
    is: I’m going to put it in a place were I can easily take candy, without
    you knowing.

  6. What I think is funny is the mother is blonde white woman and the child is
    asian unless he is adopted. HA HA

  7. Regarding the act like a kid – I was once told by a parent, that was the
    BEST part of being a parent that you get an excuse to act like a kid and
    watch kid tv shows and movies again. 

  8. I imagine how kids feel of watching this video:) Well I don’t imagine… :D

  9. Here is how to handle these situations: “Mom, can I have Lucky Charms for
    dinner?”, “No”. “Mom, can I get ice cream?”, “No”… If he whines ignore
    it….. I’d be a terrible mother…