Pot Makes You A Better Dad?

“But for me, at least, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. I find the time I spend with my children to be qualitatively different and simply more fun wh…

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25 thoughts on “Pot Makes You A Better Dad?

  1. Yay!!!

    Please share.

    Thank U.

    Love and a HUGE Squish,

    Alison Myrden
    Federal Medical Marijuana Exemptee in Canada
    Retired Law Enforcement Officer
    Speaker for LEAP
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  2. I never said valium was ok.. I only made a corellation with feeling(calming
    relaxing) I also never stated anything about it being safe of unsafe.
    Anyone who thinks marijuana is unsafe, obviously has never smoked a joint.
    Anyway, just because lawmakers call something bad doesn’t magically make it
    so. There needs tyo be more study done regarding cannabis..

  3. yeah OR you could just tap the thousands of years of known use already on
    record. or even in our own timezone weed as a remedy for just about any
    kind of ailment is a big part of jamaican culture. academic proof is futile
    in that it does nothing more then attempt to convince the very people who
    suppress the knowledge in the first place.

  4. Oh and for the record, I would trust my kid with a pothead before I let
    your poisonous thinking into my home.

  5. damn, i didn’t know half the drugs you mentioned… you’re really very
    eclectic in your choice of substances huh

  6. Yes. You are still a victim of addiction. Good people do bad things while
    on drugs or craving them. i do not write a person off because of what they
    do in moments of weakness. I compliment.and support them when in times of
    strength. And again, the drugs have always been and always will. May as
    well fight the tide. That being said there is no good reason to enable a
    strong black market for drugs. Look at the mexican cartels right now.
    Prohibition encourages and supports their violence.

  7. Thats such BS drug/alcohol anonymous propaganda. They also say your
    completely powerless over the addiction and have to let god take over, but
    I dont here you saying that. But I agree, no victim no crime.

  8. By that definition then coke/herion/extacy makes you a better parent since
    your more chatty active and open to being friendly as long as you get
    enough and regular amounts of it.Problem is when you dont you become
    stressed and paranoid which leads to violence as you think your being
    attacked.When pot isnt your “high” but to feel normal thats when you gotta
    get it out of your system for a few weeks,yet no pot smoker does this.

  9. Addiction is an illness. If you eat too much sugar and become diabetic, you
    are a victim of diabetes. Addiction has hereditary potential. Ask the
    children of an alcoholic. By your logic one should never taste alcohol for
    fear of getting addicted. Addiction also affects people in other ways, such
    as compulsive masturbating and overeating. Punishing an addict for being an
    addict is like punishing a diabetic.

  10. Ok, it’s become obviously you’re under the influence of some substance …
    adios, faggot. 🙂

  11. He thinks weed is a ridiculous “drug” haha, hate listening to this host guy
    talk like hes above anyone who would smoke pot

  12. I wish people understood that theres levels of high you can be, and that
    its not like one toke and your dipshit fucked up runnin around naked. like
    anything else thats overdone

  13. I don’t smoke weed and I won’t until i’m 20ish but aren’t edibles more
    potent because the react with the chemicals in your liver instead of the
    ones in your lungs?

  14. Lmao they are always talking about weed they should call themselves the
    young tokes

  15. weed relaxes your body and mind. when you are relaxed u can think better
    and make better choices. weed its just 1 herb that we know about that can
    enhance ur ability to focus on the things we take for granted. u know,
    things like air going in and out of your lungs. u dont think about it
    because breathing its normal, ur body is on auto pilot…just imagine what
    other plants are out there that can enhance u even more?…i believe
    nature, plants and such are a direct line to mother earth…anyways, just a
    few hits should get u high enough to function without being too high or too
    low, but it has to be good weed for it to work the way its intended for u
    to use. people are not educated enough to know how it really works. i guess
    u gotta smoke to know that.