Jennifer Love Hewitt on Her New Baby and Husband

There’s a lot of news in the Jennifer Love Hewitt house! The actress stopped by to tell Ellen all about it.

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25 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt on Her New Baby and Husband

  1. She went completely opposite directions with her look. I know she’s a mom
    now but she could still look sexy and pretty and not like a grandma…Oh
    well, maybe it’s because Ellen made such a big deal about her dress the
    last time or maybe she’s still finding her modest look that works on her. 

  2. I’m glad she finally got married, I was really worried for her for years,
    watching her getting shred up by so many fiances and boyfriends in her
    early 30’s, didn’t think it was going to happen. Brian is super cute too!

  3. Oh, I get it now. The breasts were a distraction so that no one would
    notice she was pregnant!

  4. Stinks they canceled her show not thrilled about that. Bring back the
    Client List!!!!!

  5. she’s super hot and beauty but blond not suits her or maybe this kind of
    blond and this hairstyle. I love her from ghost whisper omg she was looking
    there like 1 million dollar 🙂 But still she’s such bubbly and sweet person

  6. I love j love and she looks great in almost anything, but I think like
    darker hair on her.


  8. She looks like she’s aged 10 years with that blonde hair and that outfit!

  9. I think it looks like she got burned in the sun and her makeup artist used
    the wrong shade of foundation…

  10. OH I didn’t know she was already pregnant in that interview… no wonder
    her boobies were so out there hahaha

  11. Finally! A celebrity who didn’t name their kid something stupid recently
    like Birdy or Apple….

  12. I always like to watch her because sye’s beautiful, but I totally prefer
    her with her natural uair color or darker.

  13. I love that celebrities like her and Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have
    opted to do a quick not fuss wedding. While Kardashian/ West are planning
    most over the top PDA the real stars are making it about their love.