Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Deep Breathing

Deep breathing has been used for centuries by women in labor in order to deal with labor pain. Learn more about using deep breathing for labor pain relief wi…

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25 thoughts on “Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Deep Breathing

  1. because holding an ice cube in your hand for a long time can be painful
    (much like labor) so you can practice being in pain

  2. This video was priceless during my second son’s delivery last tuesday Feb
    24th, 2009. I used your deep breathing technique and held ice chips to
    distract myself from the contractions pain. I had him naturally without any
    medication after 4.5 hrs of labor. THANK YOU for posting this!

  3. I just wanted to say thanks these videos have been a great help am do in 3
    weeks with my 1st child…… so thanks

  4. “I want you to look 12 months pregnant” …lol. I think I would rethink
    being pregnant if it really was going to last 12 months 🙂 I’m 3 weeks
    away from my first birth and nervous as hell.

  5. Deep breathing is soooooooo much more natural and better than what I was
    taught in my childbirth class. We were supposed to breathe like you see
    women in labor on tv do and I told my hubby “forget that”. It made me
    hyperventilate. When I had my baby last year I did deep breathing and just
    moaned through my contractions. I had a natural delivery and hopefully will
    have one this time around too. I’m 35wks…

  6. Why not just get the epidural u ask? Because it defeats the purpose of
    having a NATURAL child birth. Also known as giving birth without drugs.

  7. but those same pains are walking me thru the paths parenthood which are
    priceless, and Im glad I didnt use that epidural the nurses were mentioning
    so much, especially when the pains would be at its worst. Id be like,
    seriously!!!!? good thing we discussed the terms with my doctor and his
    staff in advance. waste of visits to his office. Ill def go to a different
    dr if i have another child.

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  9. The ice is just a distraction, ur body/mind will be focused on how cold the
    ice is instead of the pain!!!

  10. Thanks,
    people who do not believe that this works should know that there is a nerve
    (The Vagus Nerve) which is involved during this type of breathing exercise
    meditation etc which contributes to the relaxation process,

    Good luck to all mothers & to the new life which is coming into this world,
    wishing you all health luck and happiness for the future.