How To Make a Baby

In which John talks about how babies are made, sharing the seven steps you’ll want to take if and when you decide you’d like to make a baby of your own. HERE…

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25 thoughts on “How To Make a Baby

  1. We’re actually hard wired as an instinct to react to the crying of our
    young, it is one of the reasons our species has survived.

  2. can confirm there is a good amount of step 6 and 7 in the process of making

  3. Saw the “Last words field” and it reminded me of Looking for Alaska and now
    I’m softly weeping.

  4. I turned it down when the crying started… I can’t turn down an actual
    baby.. I’m going to be a terrible mother. 

  5. I totally still ate sushi while pregnant… And my daughter not only turned
    out fine, she’s especially healthy, clever, and adorable. Plus, she cries a
    lot less than what I’ve heard is considered average.

  6. I actually slept for most my infancy and I hope any kids I have will be the

  7. oh no I don’t want a boyfriend bro cause I’m just borrowing the tab from my
    sis my name is elaine cause your boyfriend will watch you gave birth bro

  8. I’m not… no. No thanks. Very much. Yep.

    Not that I ever thought it was a good idea for me BEFORE watching this.